Energizer Rechargeable Light on Demand

I bought the twin lights a while back and they (so far) have worked well. This would make a nice gift for someone who needs light in his/her life and would not make a nice gift for someone who is blessed with inner brightness.

The Energizer Light on Demand website.

With the User Manual.

Do we get one of each per order or is it pick one (which the picker isn’t awake tonight if so)?

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I can’t believe it not Woot!.. wooters.us!

Energizer Rechargeable Light on Demand [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Energizer LODDL Light on Demand Desk Lamp, 1 * Energizer LODNLTT Light on Demand Single Light Center, 1 * Energizer LODLC2BY Light on Demand Twin Light Center

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Anybody buy the desktop light when it was on Woot before? How much light does it produce? Is it worthy of being called a desk lamp?

Got the desk one last week – edit – same price.

I love it, by the way. I should get some more.

How do you pick which one you want?

Do we actually get all 3?

hmm looks like you get them all for the $10 even though that’s not what it says in the product photo.

Haha I think you should all order this before they fix it.

I paid $10 a few days ago for just the desk lamp and I love it.

The purchase page does not allow a selection of which product to buy. My impression is that you don’t get all three for $9.99 or do you?

Yep, it does indicate when ordering that you get 1 of each for $9.99. So I ordered 3 :slight_smile:

I actually really only wanted 2 of the twin light things and 1 desk lamp, but for this price I’ll gladly take 3 of each for only $35.00!

Haha for a limited time all three for $10!

Well if thats the case im in for 1, can’t really beat that price if you get all.

For that price you only ordered 1???

Folks, this is a fantastic deal! I got the twin lights, the 4 light unit and the desk lights in the last woot-off and they are great!

The desk light has 2 brightness levels, and they are all interchangeable with the charging units.

These would be a PERFECT gift for kids or the elderly! It really does save leaving lights on around the house.

How long they will last, is yet to be seen, but the bulbs are rated at like 50,000 hours! The rechargeable battery packs in each of the units can also be switched out with 3 AAA batteries.

I had already bought 3 of the Desk Lamps, 3 of the Twin Lights and one of the 4 light units, so I think that I am set - until they offer the motion detector model & the wall mount model - then I will be in again!

The Desk lamp base is really heavy! The three I bought came this week and must have weighed 10 - 15 lbs!

I got my order in for 1 and got all three. lol

Desk Lamp Froogle
Single Light Froogle
Twin Light Froogle

Yes I am usingg it right now…it is awesome!

in for 3!! thanks again woot!