Energizer Rechargeable Light on Demand

what does it do? lol

never mind, it’s a $15 night light.

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Energizer Rechargeable Light on Demand
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • Energizer Rechargeable Light on Demand

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Clap on,
Clap off.

ohhh…so you can see what you are cutting and blending!!! gotcha!

Got desk lamp, and 2 light station for christmas. both work great.

This light is great, if you DON’T need or want something bright…

“Rechargeable battery provides light when the power is OUR, or you aren’t near a power outlet”


i wanted the walkie talkies =[

I actually got the rechargeable lights last woot off, one set for each bathroom, if there is one place you need a little light… I am just saying

that lamp is a good investment

wow the forums havent made it past a page for the last 3 items, how many people are left in here?

Do they really have more than 1 bag of crap during a woot off? If not, it’s already happened.

I have a pile of all and love them! Thanks to the sellout woot saga!

I have the twin light station, LOVE IT!! The lights hold a charge for a VERY LONG time!! In for 2 more!

Stay away from the (desk) light! I bought two a while back, and both sag terribly.

I am still here! :smiley:

Only single left…ugh

No, the power is MINE!

Got two of the light centers and they’re awesome. Trying to get more, but I’m in processing hell… They must only have a few items up for grabs.