Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

Not much to say about batteries but I will mention this. Not sure what has happened to Duracell’s but I have noticed the past few years that I’ve had more “leakage” from their batteries then Energizers. I keep lots of batteries on hand in my emergency storage locker (home). I do rotate certain items in the locker and inspect radios, flashlights and lanterns for operation. Anything with rechargeable batteries gets recharged every 3 months (hand held walkie-talkies). But I’ve had to toss a few items over the years because of leakage from these batteries. I’ve slowly started migrating away from Duracell’s in those devices to Energizers. In all the years I’ve used both, I’ve never had leakage from that brand. I do have lots of Duracell’s on hand but won’t use them till needed. Wife even mentioned that she had to toss about 5 of the 20 or so Duracell’s taken from Christmas decorations (she removes the batteries at the end of use and tosses them in a bag for next year). Again, we are replacing these with Kirtland (Costco’s brand) since they are not mission critical, don’t care if they last 1 season.

Not blasting Duracells but I’ve stopped buying them as it doesn’t matter what batch I’ve used, I’ve had such issues with them, I’m moving to another brand.

As far as this product goes. I have these in my headlamps and car flashlights as they seem to last longer the copper tops I’ve used (and standard energizers too). I have a couple of LED Ray-0-vac’s in my Jeep that are over a year old, have been used a lot and still shine bright. When they die, the do die faster then normal alkalines. Pricy yes but they last a long time and never had one leak.