Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Pack and Charger

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Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger [New] - $99.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Energizer XP18000 Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger

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WTF is a battery back?

Little in the middle but she got much back.

anybody have size comparison pics?

how big is this pack?

Look at the pic with the ghost phone to get an idea of size.

Woot, just letting you know that you have the main page displaying “back” instead of “Pack”.

No reviews for this model on Amazon, Buzzillions, or Alatest. But it’s still Energizer. You know it’ll keep going, for at least a bit.


for size comparison



18,000 MAH? I could start my car with that!

was energizer trying to be witty when they made their slogan “energi to go?”

Wow, only 1 pound. Outside my price range though, sorry woot. :frowning:

click on the picture and you can relate the size to the plugs

Any idea on charged shelf life. This would be a great product to keep around incase of power outages.

Daaaammmmn, now THIS is NICE!!! My laptop mini hasa 9.5 hour battery life, and I can charge it like 3 or 4 times with this thing, lol.

This is definitely a good thing to have, even if just laying around. Only thing I’m wondering is what the size on it is.


anyone know how many full cycles this can handle before it dies?

i have one of the smaller xpal’s for my iphone, the thing works great

My 6-Cell 4800 mAh battery has ~2.5 hours life. Does that mean 18000 mAh would get me ~10 hours?

IF so, this would be perfect to take with on a long flight (international)…