Energizer Universal 8000mAh Portable Battery Pack w/ AC Wall Adapter

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Energizer Universal 8000mAh Portable Battery Pack w/ AC Wall Adapter
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Energizer Universal 8000mAh XP8000 Portable Battery Pack with Universal AC Wall Adapter

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It might be good on power, but it drains you SOUL…

Interesting…it says it powers netbooks…so can it handle laptops??

Something tells me this thing quivers in fear of my 17" desktop replacement.

Here is another site, almost double the price here at woot!


Could it handle a Prius?? Now that would be cool…

I got two of the 18000mAh “megacell” ones when they were offered a while back. They are pretty cool, although I must admit I haven’t used them as much as I thought I would. But those were able to power my netbook and my laptop with no problem. This one appears to be a lot smaller though.

Here’s Amazon!

'bout how long will this here device power my MacBook (15 inch)???

And does it come with a pink bunny playing a drum???

One of these would be great for devices with internal batteries. I just wish they had MagSafe adapters for Macbooks.


Can I jump start my car with this?

Product Website

Does this get hot when you charge it up?

Will this work with my iPad? Or Kindle? Or Woot! Sony e-reader?

How many and what kind of tips does this come with?

How long does it power it for? Looking for a couple hours.

I would prefer a screaming monkey playing a drum.

The tips are listed at the bottom of the details. Assume one of each.

I’m going to ask what we all want to know:

How long will this power my Wootoff lights?