Energizer Universal 8000mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack


Great for charging your iPod in post-apocalyptic worlds!

eehh okay deal I guess

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How to use the Energizer XP8000

This hand model gives me nightmares.

I just got one of these with fold-out solar panels. It’s awesome.

This one doesn’t appear to have the solar. Not as cool, I think.

Still, can’t beat the price.

Yuk Howard Hughes finger nails…

Check out the last time these were sold here, they were mostly JUNK. A LOT of bad units, and NOT good support. I personally got a good one, but it’s Russian roulette.

I got one of these last time it was on woot. It’s a great deal for an 8 amp battery, and it charges my phone several times on one charge.

Dear Woot snarky guys,

Military Time does not take AM or PM as a modifier.


A. Retentive

Using it for a digital camera is an interesting concept. Hopefully the cord is long enough that you can put this in your pocket whilst using the camera.


Is everything in this Woot-off $34.99, or does it just seem like it?

I have one of these from a prior wooting. I use it to run my eeepc netbook and recharge my iPods. Tips are available for many different laptops and other electronics, but not for the Mac. Apple won’t let random vendors build charging tips for their Macbooks.

Just gettin’ the “does it work with my Mac” question out of the way.

Me too… what kind of man gets a french manicure? LOL

What? You don’t like MANicured hand models?


Seems like a good deal.

I wonder how long it works for a laptop.

These are GREAT. I have one of the larger 16000 mAh packs as well as one of the 8000 - and they work tremendously well.

The only downside is that they don’t provide enough to actively charge an iPad while it’s powered on - it has to charge in sleep mode.

(But there isn’t much as far as battery packs that provide an adequate charge for the iPad.)

Just bought this same one for $5. more last month. Very worth it but I’d get the solar variety next time.