Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack

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Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack [New] - $89.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Energizer XP18000 Universal 18000mAh Portable Battery Pack and Charger

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hmmmm. this is something I could use.

The product website.

The reviews on Amazon are just ‘ok’

wow dealsucker had this woot up before I could get it on woot. http://www.dealsucker.com/deals_discussion/Energizer-Universal-Mega-Cell-Battery-Pack_117654/

I am pretty sure this will not work with Dell laptops due to the sensor pin missing.

I have one and like it. There were some issues with the tips that come with it. IIRC, the one for HP laptops doesn’t actually fit. They will send you a couple of tips a year for free, but the S&H is a bit high. However, Woot is selling this item $10 cheaper then it did in past sales.

how appropriate would this be to replace the replacement battery that came with the laptop, assorted gadgetery device?

Is this like the Electrovaya Power Pad that burns out if you charge it longer than 6 hours?

$10 less than last time. Tempted again.

Free tips my foot. Cost me $10 for shipping and it came in a simple envelope with $1.22 for postage on it.

Oh man! I really want the laptop too!

I have this.

I’ve only used this to charge my ipod and my phone while on trips (both traveling purposes or just going home) but it really holds its charge well. I charge it once a week after using it to regularly charge my accessories. I have yet to use it to charge my laptop, but there are two outputs for various things, and lots of adapters.
If you have any USB devices they’ll charge as well.

They offer heads for many accessories, one free a year, but shipping is killer.

This is not mac-certified. At least, not when I bought it.

Wasn’t this cheaper the last time woot! had it up?

Description says “after initial charge charges in 3-4 hours.” How long is the initial charge?

“Duty cylce 500”

Does this mean it will live thru 500ish charge cycles and then become useless?

here’s a previous woot (not during a woot-off so lots of helpful comments)

Does it work with HP laptops?

“Ready to use, comes pre-charged out of the box”