Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack

I got one of these for christmas. It works wonders… also, it is powerful enough to fully charge my netbook, and then charge my iphone, all while still retaining enough power to re-charge one or the other again, if needed.

I would recommend this to ANYONE who lives in an area where power is flaky, or to the person who uses electronics a lot away from conventional power sources.

The only downfall, as of right now, is the lack of adapter support for the Mac Laptop line. There are rumors going around they are trying to get this supported, but in the mean time, it’s very easy to make y our own tip. Google for it, and you’ll find directions. :slight_smile:

Definitely a good bargain, as well. This is the price they are asking for the lower-end model at OfficeMax.

Good deal, woot!

No, it’s $10 cheaper now.

1 lb. Ugh, kind of heavy. I like the idea, really on the fence here.

It would be awesome if it would work with my iGo tips. Does anyone know if there is an adapter that does this?


RIP at deals.woot 2 months ago.

Have you gone to Deals.Woot lately?

There is a coupon inside the box for a free plug…
Best product I got off woot…had it in my backpack and kept recharging my power hungry digital cameras.

Bought one of these previously and used it to power my DSL modem for hours when the power went out. The power level indicator on the unit did not even drop one bar.

It would be nice if it could also be used to charge a dead car battery if needed. Then it would be useful.

Wow, good idea for a gadget. Unfortunately, if I had 80+ bucks to spend on something I would probably buy a new laptop battery…

Not to mention, you also get 2 free tips per year, for life. :wink:

It really depends on whether the device itself will function without the battery. Most newer devices will, but a few pesky ancients have some sort of problem with an open circuit if the battery’s not in the bay.

Also, I work at Office Depot, and I sold one of these two days ago for 169.99 and the guy was thrilled to get it for that price. Buy this now.

wow never realized so many people stayed up for woot, my first time, and i was iming

Two videos on charging and using the battery pack:


“Duty Cycle: 500”

That is actually not that bad, most laptop batteries are rated at 300-500 duty cycles before performance is really toast.

You should have bought the cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter charger thing the other day, then you could have spliced them together.

I wonder which life they mean, yours or the product’s

Although it is heavy, this is much more versatile. Though, despite the “specifications” the laptop runtime is more realistically between 2.5-4 hours. I don’t think you would ever be able to run a laptop for 6 hours on one of these if you were doing more than editing a spreadsheet with no backlight, lol.

That’s why it’s called shipping and HANDLING.

Eh, that doesn’t seem too bad. My iGo tips are $10 each plus shipping.

I suppose 19 cents per full recharge isn’t really too bad. Hmmmm.

Also keep in mind that a duty cycle is a FULL discharge and recharge. So, if you discharge it half way, and recharge it, that’s only half a cycle.