Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack


Will this upgrade my Fox Sports graphics?

3 days.


I’ll second that!!!

I got five

you missed the carp

I bought one of these the last time it was up on woot. Works Great!

Just so you know though, while they say the tips are free, they actually charge you exorbitant prices for shipping in order to recoup their cost.

When I ordered my “free” tips, it cost my like $9 in shipping, and it came from like 100 miles from me (they’re in SoCal), with 45 cents of postage. . .

Just thought you guys would like to know.

Well, time for a bath.

This works just fine for my Roomba…

Got one of these a while back. The number of attachments and plugs is a little overwhelming.

The travel bag it comes with is too small to hold much more than the battery and a small selection of plugs.

Outside of that it works just fine.

If you like to go camping, or are otherwise away from an outlet, this is great to recharge your laptop. But I wouldn’t recommend using it to power your laptop on a regular basis - that’s not so great for the life of your main battery.

I have one of these-they’re great. Have taken it through airport security numerous times without problems. I have purchased several extra tips, including one for my Asus eee 900A. It’s a good deal as long as you don’t really expect the tips to be free.

does this have a usb output jack thingy??

“Apple laptop tip not available”

Well, then, how is this a ‘universal’ battery pack?


Amazon has it for 135 via tigerdirect…looks like Woot’s brought us a very good deal


will this power my cymbal monkey?

At Amazon it’s $130 with 3+1/2 stars.

My laptop cord died…

could this be a replacement for it???