Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack

This actually is a decent item. If you don’t have to correct fitting tips for your product, you can get them from energizer for pretty cheap!

woo! first sucker

Too bad the tips cost like $6.95 to ship, especially since they SHOULD ship for no more than $1.00 USPS priority…

offhand, do you know if they have mac powerbook compatible tips?

Only 500 charging cycles!?! That’s it?

Guess you wont be able to make this a everyday use kind of device to supplement your reg. battery.

if you recharged it every other day, it would last you almost three years :wink:

I have several smaller battery packs and use them on trips all the time. Also, if you have active kids and a video camera they are a must!

Dude, I just looked everywhere because I am interested as well. There is absolutely no way to rig a mac up to this. It’s sad, this would be nice for a long trip, and the price is cheap.


Sadly, you mac users can’t use it. Apple won’t let their stronghold go, so Energizer can’t legally make the tips. Only thing Apple related that I think Energizer can produce products for is ipods.

lol yes there is.

Nothing is ever impossible

Sure energizer may not sell an macbook adapter but that doesn’t mean one can’t be hacked together. It’d be pretty easy to make, just need the connector to the laptop and then wire it up.

out of curiosity, how did you hook your mac up to it in the first place?

In the photos - it’s really brilliant to turn all the cell phone tips so the ass end is facing the camera…

I hope they do not take up portrait photography…

Well, if the tip doesn’t fit, don’t force it, else you’ll break it.

I truthfully think this post is just BS; but no, there is no tip that fits (anyone that tries deserves to have their book fried; RTFM).

I’m thinking that an old power supply cable could be spliced onto it…

I suppose, it’s a bit above my level of engineering. :slight_smile: I love Apple, but this would be a nice addition to the bag.

This is true here, but I usually don’t suggest people hack power supply related stuff. You can get hurt playing with electricity, so use caution.

Truthfully it wouldn’t be hard to do, but Energizer can’t legally supply the converter. Complain to the Apple department.

thanks for the info!

Nobody posted a price yet ?
Ok so here it it! $79.99