Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack

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Energizer Universal Mega Cell Battery Pack [New] - $79.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Energizer XP18000 Universal 18000mAh Portable Battery Pack and Charger

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Dammit im using mine as we speak…

this is good for traveling the ac adapter is bulky compared to the unit.

Its lasted me over 8 months on 10+ charges consistent ammount of power

This is clearly not a tactical knife and/or flashlight.


at $80 this won’t sell. 91% stock remaining. ETA until sell out: 9 minutes

Got one last Woot off, Fantastic can charge all my portables about 10 times, psp ds phone you name it.
Had a problem ordering the tips called left a message they called me back with in a day and I had the tips in less than 3 days after, I would suggest everyone to get one!

If I can run a PS3 off of it, and the TV at the same time, I’m game for two.

EDIT: Thanks for mentioning you can order the tips… I was wondering about that.


and an extra amount of m’s

Excellent. I wanted to get the IMP19500 but it’s out of stock everywhere, so this seems to be the next best option.

hahaha its a 4am wootoff over here I have no clue what im typing


I hear ya… lol

OOOO these used to be $100.

179.99 on the xpal webstore, actually!

This is a good buy.