Energizer Vision LED Headlamp Flashlight (2-pack)

Energizer Vision LED Headlamp Flashlight (2-pack)

Just FYI, next-to-last photo says 250 lumens, and everything else says 200 lumens.

So is this the 200 Lumens or 250 Lumens version? If it’s the 200 as stated, I believe these come in Red. The Green is 250 as it shows in the images that’s listed with the 250 Lumens icon.

I believe their headsets are color-coded to what the lumens is. I bought one of these green ones on Amazon a few months ago and its listed as 250 lumens. I like it, I recommend it if you need one.

Sorry for the confusion. 200 lumens is correct. We’ll remove that one photo.

I bought one off Amazon a year ago for $13. It’s still going strong. This is a good deal for a 2 pack. I’d recommend it. Great for my upcoming camping season.

Not that anybody cares at this point… but the headlamps I received are 250 lumens…