Energizer/XPal XP600 Battery Pack

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Energizer/XPal XP600 Battery Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Energizer/XPal XP600 Battery Pack

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Very useful, I have a few from last time. Still hold a charge for days.

Are these better than my April Fool’s Black and Decker Bricks?

Powers an itouch?

i guess for being in a bind like on the road to have in ur glove box, not a bad backup

but for real everyday usage? lol…

These are not screaming monkies :frowning:

Product Website

XPal on facebook


a little froogle

YouTube demo

unplggd review

Good item to have for an emergency/earthquake kit.

the woot off keeps going and going…

Did they misspell “loose” on purpose? Usually the misspelling is the other direction which makes me wonder if they are just messing with us.

good for emergencys

Looks like things will be wrapping up around 12est.

The problem with these things is you have to remember to have them with you. If I could remember that, I would have remembered to charge my cell phone.

Your cell phone takes AA batteries? haha

my cell phone, lol
i never said anything about me trying to charge a cell phone

but this item does have enough diff tips for multiple electronic items if you are in a bind

there is also a whole “tip” car adapter version of this (NON BATTERY) from iGo…but the main plug itself is $20 and each diff tip is approx $5-$15 per diff electronic item


but something like this isnt needed
AND you CAN* find adapters for AA/AAA batteries to be interchangable for other electronic devices

Does this have a micro usb tip to charge my Vibrant? Pics are too small!

In for 3, everyone do their part to make the ozone hole bigger

how bout another BOC for those of us with the patience to sit through the soon to be never ending battery extravaganza???

Uh…“still on the LOOSE”, not “still on the LOSE.”