Energy 5.1 Home Theater System - Set of Six

There is no shortage of competition at this price range for a 5.1 set up.

I’m old enough to remember when Energy was a respected brand name.

I have this set. I’m very pleased with it. I paid about $20 more for it on Amazon. My TV room is pretty compact, so the small speakers have really been great. The set sounds good.

What’s not to respect about them now?

I won’t speak about their higher end products. I don’t own them. I own this set and I can assure you that it’s the best you’ll get in this price range by a very large margin.

Bought them off of amazon about 7 years ago for 250ish. They still look new, sound better than new (when you first get them the titanium tweeters can sound pretty harsh, it takes about 6 months for that to mellow out) and have survived hundreds of Florida’s lightning storms that zap my neighbors electronics on a weekly basis. They have been used literally every day since I set them up.

They’re perfect as a surround set for a PC. Small size means you can place everything pretty conveniently around one and still get a full sound stage, and the sound is great. You won’t find a 5.1 set that’s better for under 500, and this costs half that.

So again, what’s not to respect?

I’m not sure if I can comment on these specific speakers, but when I purchased our house in '97 I installed the Energy Take 5 (5.1) system and they are still going strong today. I was thinking about an upgrade, but if it works and sounds great then why?

Do I need a receiver with this system, or does it come with one?

I actually purchased (4) sets of these on a previous deal (w/o subwoofer at the time) and gave them as xmas presents to family members who are fairly picky about sound. I like things loud and booming, so I added a set of Polk towers (if you need more midrange and bass).

The sound is crisp, clean and full for the size. At this price, you cannot beat the sound quality, design/build quality, compact size and looks.

Perfect for small-to-medium sized living room/bedroom setups (I have yet to see a reliable soundbar for bedroom sound).

If you want a small, great sounding 5.1 surround (2-front, 2-side, 1- center, 1-subwoofer) setup, you will not find anything better below $400.

Worth it.

You will need a receiver.

All home theater receivers have basic 5.1 speaker connections.

Back in the day, the Energy Take system was quite possibly the best sat/sub in its price range (and beat out several that were far more expensive).

For an ultrabudget 5.1 home theater set up, this is pretty good. They are well reviewed, and are a definite upgrade over a cheap home theater in a box speaker set, and a definite upgrade over just about any Bose product.

Monoprice made a set that was a complete knockoff of this set. They looked nearly identical, and sold for much cheaper. Thing is, some reviews I read said the monoprice sounded even better. They stopped making them, as I believe Energy sued them. Monorprice still makes a budget set that sounds just as good, but looks different.

For me, I’d probably take the Enery speakers still. They’re a quality product, they sound and look nice, and they affordable.


I’ve got this exact same set. I spent over twice as much on a Bose set that didn’t come close to the quality sound these have. My brother had this set and I compared his Energy’s to the Bose and there was no comparison. SO I ditched the Bose and got these. They sounded amazing out of the box and only get better the older they get. Awesome product. Best speakers for the money on the market.