Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System



It seems like I’ve heard good things about Klipsch speakers. Did anyone get these last time around? Do you have some feedback to share with the other wooters?


Amazon reviews are underwhelming. I’d bite for $25. They’re cute and small, but that’s about it.


I do not own these speakers, but I’ve been a proud owner of these Klipsch 2.1 speakers : for 6 years now, I love them, the cost about triple then these pairs , but I run them 24.7 never turned them off, still works flawless ,like brand new , the first day I bought them for 149 dollars back then… so if you can spare about 15o dollars I suggest you the ones I own… good luck in your deccision!


Logitech’s got much cheaper (and better) on Amazon.

Check it out here…


It sounds lime the people on amazon didnt know what they were doing. I mean the one guy had his computer volume at 100% and couldnt figure out why the left channel kept dropping out! Dont know, im really tempted.


I use these exact same speakers for my computer setup. I got them for $20 or $25 on They are decent. Not very powerful and the bass won’t shake anything, but has good quality and the speakers are quite small.


“…When you hear .38 Special coming through the 3.5mm subwoofer…”
That’s a HUGE sub! Just over an eighth of an inch!


Energy Speakers are actually a side company of Klipsch. Klipsch oversees business operations and distribution but I am not sure how involved they are directly with product development. While not bad speakers, they are lower quality then true Klipsch which sell for a much higher price point.

I do not own a set of these speakers however I looked into them a bit awhile back when looking for new speakers. What I discovered are they are very small and have a very clear sound. They sound best loud and the sound can be a bit lacking when played low. The negatives were the mids are a bit weak and the sub woofer does not put out much bass. Most compare its sound to a woofer rather then a sub. While the bass tone is there it doesn’t add much “thump”. The small size makes it ideal for people that have limited space that are looking for a bit of a sound upgrade. People suggest it for dorm rooms that would like to have pretty good sounding speakers but are not looking to use a lot of space and aren’t looking to blow people away with a big speaker set.


I have the same set and they’re absolutely fantastic. Very musical, the subwoofer gives good solid bass without being “boomy”… the only things I’d change is to have an on/off switch on the satellite and/or allow the speakers to sleep when not in use to save power.


I got these to supplement my JBL computer speakers, because I didn’t have a sub.

I found the tiny little stereo speakers a bit too bright for my tastes, so I unplugged them.

I was initially underwhelmed with the sub, but I found a nice setup that works for me at least. I crank the sub to max volume and bass and leave it sitting under my desk aimed at the wall (The best sounding position in my setup). I then play something particularly bassy, at a comfortable volume on the computer and slowly crank my JBL’s up until the volume levels sound right. Maxing out the sub though is about the only way I got what I wanted out of it, so it helps that I have separate volume controls on my main speakers.

That said, when I do get it right, it is a major improvement over what my computer sounded like before, and I am very satisfied with the sub. Your setup may vary though. I have an extra audio out, but a Y-splitter could work just as well, and they’re cheap.


I got these the last time around for a LED tv that has horrible speakers. It is a vast improvement on them.

The speakers are very clear, but seem to be lacking in the mid range. Not enough for me to care when watching TV on it.

The subwoofer does not put out a lot of bass at all. So if you are looking for something to “thump” out dance beats or rap, this isn’t it.

I honestly love this system for the price. I have it in my bedroom with my tv, and it works great without blowing me and my wife away with overbearing sound.


Save your pennies and get the big boy Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 Computer Speakers. I got mine at BestBuy for $124. Sure they cost more, but they actually deserve the Klipsch moniker.


Here is A favorable Review from PCMag


Here is A favorable Review from PCMag

and A short short video from Klipsch. It’s essentially the pictures woot used set to music though.

Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System

seems like these speakers lack a good mid-range/mid-bass. Might be good for people who like highs, lows, and not much in between.


Energy was a Canadian company that was acquired by Klipsch. In the 80s, they produced some speakers that were incredible performers for the money and blew away most of the competition. Alas, those days are gone forever. Another company that went through a number of acquisitions.


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