Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System

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Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $13 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Yeah! speakers.

Speakers for the win!

Oh goody, more speakers.

at last !!! speakers !!


I keep waiting for a speaker set to show up on woot today. Not sure if it will happen.

Perfect for that 1 guy that missed the other 35 speaker deals this wootoff.

up next…headphones

These actually look pretty sweet. Klipsch makes nice speakers.

Oh Em Gee…I swear if I don’t get a bushel of crawfish I am never coming to woot again…

I’m sorry I cant hear you??? There’s to many speakers around here! Can you speak louder??? PLEASE!

I didn’t miss any speakers did I?

now that the whole wootiverse has a lifetime’s supply of sound equipment, can we move on?

8 minutes

Would these work with a TV?

29th speaker/headphones deal. There’ve been 18 computer/tablet deals, and 8 TV/monitor deals. Really?? Don’t you know we’re all waiting for a Brawl of Chameleons??

If there is a baby orangutang cave… it’ll probably be filled with headphones, speakers, and xoom accessories. Things you’ll probably already have plenty of by now.