Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System


$60 on amazon… only 4 total reviews, and all average @ 3 stars


Reviews off amazon suggest that this set is disappointing esp. for the price. Sub woofer doesn’t actually produce any base, only upside is the compactness of the speakers.


Value Reading:
I bought these on Woot when they were $44.99; and I will say it was money well spent. ENERGY, a Klipsch group, makes a decent 2.1 speaker here for the computer. Moreover, the pictures provided do not properly show how compact this system really is. The sound is great for the $$ spend.
Happy Woot’er here.

Note #1, the subwoofer DOES produce bass – about as much bass as possible for how compact the woofer is. The air movement coming from the port is substantial. Your walls aren’t going to shake or anything like that, but come on!

Note #2


I bought these last time they were up. I love them. I think the bass sounds great and the speakers are very loud even though they are small. Plus the price is great!


The sub belongs on the floor, preferably in a corner if possible. Putting the volume control on it is bass ackwards.


If you’ve got Amazon Prime, is the same cost after Woot shipping, has desktop controls, and has 4.5 stars after 1,500 reviews. I was about to impulse click on this Woot, but I’m glad I looked at Amazon first, actually.


That Cyber Acoustics set is pretty nice. I used to sell them when I worked at Radio Shack. It is a good bit bigger than the set here on woot though, so those looking for a small set are better off with the woot one. The CA set isn’t huge, but its not compact either.


Exactly what I was going to say. The compactness of the speakers if offset by having to make room for the sub on your desk.


Ya beat me to it! I was going to link to the CA 3602’s also - I just sent a pair (with Amazon Prime) to a family member: a great deal.

I think, though, that one reason the Energy/Klipsch speakers so often get bad reviews is that people see the name “Klipsch” and are thinking of the great speaker builders - particularly the passive speakers of 30 years ago … High expectations = low reviews.


Will this work with a Mac mini? I don’t think there is a headphone jack…


i thought this write up was funny! nice work!


Yeah should work fine. Headphone jack all the way to the right


Got mine today and there going back as soon as I get an RMA #. They are way small, not nearly as loud as I would like and if you can call it bass, the bass is lacking. I got the last docking station and it provides better bass. I’m glad most of you like it and I hope you continue to enjoy it.


Picked these up on Woot, and for the (Woot) price these are terrific!

When I opened the box and saw how small the sub was, I didn’t think these were going to be that great, but after hooking them to my laptop, I was surprised how great they sound for the little, tiny speakers they are.

Let’s be honest, if you’re expecting these to sound like an Energy Take-5 system, you’ll be disappointed (and you have an unrealistic expectation), but for $35 these sound great!


Wonderful little speakers. I’ve loved them since they arrived. Until this morning when I discovered that the right speaker had suddenly died and the sub was emitting a weird buzzing noise if I use any bass. Hopefully I can get them replaced and this is just an anomaly.


Or I could have just forgotten one of my connections using my laptop. Still wonderful speakers. :slight_smile: