Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System

I like how its paired with a laptop. So you can take your portable device with your not so portable 2.1 Speaker System.

Snap Cease!

I have had these for 1 week and they are really small but the sound is nice and this price is really good.

I actually bought a pair of these a week or so back and just got them. They sound pretty good for a desktop system but def not audiophile material. That’s why I have my Audio Technica ATH-M50’s :slight_smile:

Sixth map piece.

Are these pieces to the puzzle suppose to fit somehow? What exactly are we looking for I can’t figure it out?

Map piece!!!

I’m out! Good night.

Don’t forget the Caption This game!

I tried to cheat and search the goog for “Woot Treasure Map”, but all I found was this…

Where is the map piece I can’t find it?!?


Who’s taking over?

Piece is supposed to be in the item pics - I don’t see a piece in this item…so I don’t think piece number 6 is available yet. Maybe someone is pulling our virtual leg? :wink:

Why is this map piece shaped like a Energy by Klipsch 2.1 Speaker System?

I just woke up… does that mean I’m working this shift?


I don’t mind having my virtual leg pulled from time to time…

Me thinks you’re right, matey–someone is shivering we timbers! (Don’t know how to pluralize "shiver me timbers.)

How many map pieces do you suppose there will be for todays map?