Energy by Klipsch TV Speaker Stand

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Energy by Klipsch TV Speaker Stand
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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I wonder what will putting a $150 vibrator under your $1000+ TV is going to do to it?

I really like the idea behind this… but the mechanical/electrical nature of myself, shudders at such a setup.

We like ours. It’s great if you don’t want a massive soundbar. We wanted to raise our 48" tv by a few inches anyway, so it killed two birds with one stone. The sound is great. Sound through the Bluetooth interface is a bit flat, but just use the aux input for other audio devices. At $150, this is a killer deal. Great for watching TV or movies, but if you want something for music, look elsewhere. It’s not bad, it’s just not the best for music.

I believe Bose has a similar device. A side by side comparison would really be interesting. Bose never drops their prices. Energy thought this thing was worth $399, which I believe is the price of the similar Bose unit, but the buying public obviously feels differently. I paid $229 and I am very happy with this unit, but it looks like the buying public thinks it is only worth $149. Stuff is worth what you paid for it, end of story.

this looks to be the same box I bought a month ago here but $30 cheaper.

now they are throwing Klipsch into the description. High ratings. I was expecting a bit more but it is worth the money. One of the problems I ran into while researching base units is that some lower end models (I am looking at you, Zvox) don’t have the Dolby Digital decoders, which this one does. You can go read the problems people have without a decoder.

I would like to get one, but I am not sure if I can hook it to my TV. My TV is a 2 year old flatscreen made by TCL.

How do I hook this to my TV I have the following on the back.

1 Free HDMI slot

Component In (CMPT) consisting of “Pr”, “Pb”, “Y”. These are three RCA jacks.

Audio Video In (AV) consisting of “Audio R”, “Audio L” and Video. These are three RCA jacks.

One DVI/PC Audio In - this is a strange input type (Not hdmi, not RCA), not seen it before.

One VGA (PC video In)

One ANT/Cable/SAT In (Seems to be an RCA jack)

One SPDIF Out (Seems to be an RCA jack)

Thank you much in advance.

This sound base does not do anything to damage the TV.
you have nothing to worry about.
I’ve heard nothing but good things about this power base, i’d jump at this if I didn’t just get the vizio 5.1 from woot a little while ago, i’m recommending this to a friend though, they were thinking about getting the bose base, but this price is great for a comparable unit

I’m curious about how well the Klipsch/Energy “Speaker Stand” will work with an existing TV setup; we have a Zvox soundbase in our den & the Bose variant in our living room. In comparing Bose to Zvox, the Zvox sound is waay better & it syncs well with our TV remote. The Bose does not, nor will the codes built in to many universal remotes allow me to operate it. So, if the Klipsch affords that functionality I’ll have to give it a try.

Doesn’t look as if it will support a SPDIF connection from your TV to the “Speaker Stand.” Looks like the sole digital connection is a TOSlink (optical) input. In theory, you should be able to convert the SPDIF output to optical by using an adapter like this one selling for $12.50 on Amazon:

Look at the photo of it of the back. It has the optical connector and next to is the red and white RCA connectors which you could use.

i got the energy soundbar from woot the other day… (i thought it was broken… box was completely ripped open/destroyed) but works and sounds fantastic. definitely recommend energy products after hearing my tv through their soundbar.

woots ability to package the setup to withstand shipping is questionable.

I can’t wait to get this new base stand so I can hook it up to my tv and play some COD to see how the sound is :slight_smile:

Ordered one. Some of these posts in this topic are a bit confusing. This item is for the Power Base not the Power Bar.

It’s hard to find ANY reviews outside of Amazon on this item. Both Energy and Klipsh have a good reputation…that and the fact it is not a return/refurb gives me some hope.

I look forward to its arrival. Seems like a great deal.

Got mine today. Not impressed. My old cheap soundbar w/wireless subwoofer has much better bass than this. It is better than the stock TV speakers, and looks better than a soundbar, but even with the subwoofer turned all the way up its not much bass. I used the optical cable and tried both PCM and Dolby output from the TV, no difference. I just may hack into the case and wire the units subwoofer to my old subwoofer. And, I can’t stand the “3D Surround Sound Mode” it would give me a headache trying to listen to it that way. Not what I expected from Klipsch brand name. I’ll fiddle with the TV’s equalizer to see if I can get the woofers cooking. If that doesn’t work I’ll put my old soundbar back on in addition to this.
Edit: I was looking around on the A/V forums and found optical connections don’t have as much bandwidth as using wired connections, didn’t know that. They also said you’d get better sound quality using PCM output rather than Dolby, which is compressed, didn’t know that either. So I tried that, still crappy bass. I don’t know if I got a defective part or what. I had an old Surround Sound Processor that has a bass boost so I hooked that up, now my woofers cook like they should. I got it from Amazon here

I agree to a point with bswarm. My thoughts are this:

1.) It is well made and solid construction. Looks nice.

2.) Remote is a little weak, but have managed to program my master remote with the commands needed.

3.) 3D sound is… well just a little weird sounding. Maybe in a small room or something. My preferences are for the default.

4.) Dolby Decoder is nice bonus. Many sound bars lack this feature.

5.) The sound is a big improvement over a the TV and is very balanced and pleasant. My thoughts are that these units are designed and configured in a way so as not to distort at higher volume levels. With the smallish woofers that would be easily possibly if we had access to eq in some way.

As it is with my unit at mid and higher volumes it provides a very nice sound. BAss is there but not overly so. I have experimented with blue tooth, dolby, pcm and just about every way to tinker with the sound and have not noticed too much difference in sound quality or bass performance.

I do notice some difference when song and recording/broadcast quality is good, the bass response is better.

I am pleased overall with the unit. Price to performance is good. Value is about right on for the woot price. At full retail I would have been disappointed. Bass response could be a bit better, but again I say these type of units are engineered in a way to prevent distortion at mid to high levels.