Energy C-100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

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New Energy C-100 Bookshelf Speaker (Pair), for $109.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x Energy C-100 Bookshelf Speaker

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Amazon 2 reviews, 4.5/5.0

more review

Why not sell them together? This is kind of dumb.

Energy is a “Klipsch Group Company” and has specs online for both the C-100 and C-C100. For those considering the combo @ sellout - Amazon Energy C-C100 review - 5.0, 1 reviewer

not a big fan of HUGE speakers… iono…


The binding posts look cheap but they let you drive the tweeter and woofer independently? Or what? My BnW’s are that way, as are my paradigms, neat feature on a cheap speaker. If I didn’t have in walls in the bedroom or towers… So biwiring or biamping would be possible on these…

Good deal and all but I got nice speakers! Damnit I want to buy something!

not really that great.

should have put center in here as an option so you could order two sets of these and a center.

Eh… I guess it’s an okay deal. They’re $176.00 on Amazon…I don’t need them… but I have my credit card right here and… hmmm…

Aluminum Dome tweeters? gross

They better be better than a Bose, otherwise, I’m not remotely interested.

They must be drunk from the Wootoff party- the CENTER CHANNEL SPECS are posted here instead of on Sellout!!!

hay dumb dumb woot sellout has the center. well u are dumb so here is the link

Well, as long as we’re cleaning out our garages, I have a whole Sony bookshelf system from 1998. Still works great, has a 50 disc changer and remote. Any offers?

my 5.1 surround system is awesome…so none for me…but for someone less tech crazy as me there would most likely be good


really wish they wouldn’t pair things up across the dot woots :frowning:
instead make the center speaker or the tv stand for the tv the side deal … :frowning:
guess that would be too normal

It’s a tarp! D=