Energy Center Channel Speaker

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Energy Center Channel Speaker
$119.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Energy C-C100 Center Channel Speaker

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New Energy Center Channel Speaker, for $119.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Energy C-C100 Center Channel Speaker

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Very sly… :slight_smile: I think I deserve a BOC too.
The thing that bothers me most about the BOCs is that it does not seem to matter how maticulous one is about trying to order one immediately, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been trying for years, and NOTHING, while some others who are in the know about strategies to get them (it seems) do so nearly every time.

Oh yeah, this speaker looks sweet, but I already have good speakers; when the day comes that I upgrade my audio gear, it will be much higher end than this.

good price. $200 on amazon. that seems to be the going rate

cant go wrong with energy

i love it how someone decided that a Center Channel Speaker should be more expensive then a pair of front speakers, everyone nodded, oh yes, very important and rolled with it. why can’t all 5-7 speakers be the same as center speaker? ugh.

i need an amp now, i have so many speakers from woot, i dont know where to plug them in.

Hey you can get two of the surrounds over at woot as well lol almost enough for a whole set!

You don’t want your center the same as everything else!

I wish I had that kind of money cause i need some new speakers

I have been using 5 NHT SuperOne speakers and it seems almost impossible to get an NHT Center any more. …at least without paying dearly for it. Any idea on how this would sound with my NHTs?

Those are great speakers. I used to sell SuperOnes. Then I bought Energy. I have to say that for the money, the Energy’s are quite phenomenal. I’d do some research into the low-end rolloff of this particular center to see how they match up to your SuperOnes, but sound wise I don’t think you have anything to really worry about.

I bought a pair of Polk Audio Standing Speakers 50…was thinking of getting a center speaker and sub-speaker. Would this center speaker work well with the Polk?

the “dune” reference just had me rolling

Now that I’ve had my coffee… actually I only have 3 SuperOne’s. I Have SuperTwo’s for the L & R Channels. …but they share the same basic speakers only with an extra down-firing woofer on bottom. I think I’d better just stick to NHT & either wait out eBay or save up. Still this Energy deal does look inviting. Thanks anyway.

why not?

sure AWS forum is the authority over the entertainment equipment, but is there any science behind it?

Damn you woot I payed 250 dollars for this a month ago.

You DO want it the same as everything else if possible. If it’s different, then it won’t sound the same. They should be timbre matched or stuff will sound funny when panning.

A search at avsforum will show a concensus of having the same speaker if possible for the centre.

Please don’t mislead people like that. Centres are made different just because of placement limitations. ie, TV gets in the way. If you can place the same speaker in the same orientation in the centre as you have on the sides, that whould be the best.

Your SuperOne and SuperTwo combo is better than this Energy. Stick with what you’ve got. I’m very impressed with NHT speakers.

Here’s your SuperCenter for $100

Just to clarify matching center channel to front left and right speakers. You might hear a term called “voice matching” this is where you use the same drivers and a similar box design so the sounds coming from the speakers all sound the same. You don’t have one sounding higher or lower or more tinny or a little flat.

(mujiber) “They should be timbre matched or stuff will sound funny when panning.”

This guy was right on, let me explain a little better. Imagine if you are watching a movie and you have a voice coming out of your front left and center speakers. If they are not voice matched (i.e. same brand and model line) then the voice will have a different pitch from the two different speakers creating what will sound like an echo or two different voices. This is the same with all other sounds just more noticeable with voices. If you are an “audiophile”, some one who is very particular about sound quality and has a discerning ear you will want voice matched speakers. But if you are not one of those people it probably won’t make much of a difference…depending on the speaker quality but that’s another lecture.

Actually, centers are designed slightly differently because 90% of video dialogue is routed to the center (thus usually more mid-range drivers), versus 90% of the music and effects routed to the sides (thus, more emphasis on full-range drivers for those). Otherwise any clever person could tilt a L/R speaker on its side and use it as a center. The individual drivers ARE timbre-matched, but the speaker types still put more emphasis on their respective tasks.