Energy Center Speaker

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Energy Center Speaker
$349.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Energy RC-LCR Center Speaker - Black

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I got Energy Micro 5.1’s for about the same price as this center speaker and absolutely love them.

If this center speaker is even remotely close to their micro series in quality then it’s worth every penny.

I paid $400 for a speaker similar to this made by Boston Acustics. Anyone heard much about these peeps, because I certainly have not.


at alatest

On the one hand, it’s a seriously nice-sounding speaker (audiophile, guilty as charged).

On the other hand, it’s $350 for a center channel speaker, which is ONE of at least FIVE speakers in a home theater setup (really six, counting the subwoofer). I don’t know too many people who’re ready to drop that much, and most of them want to get a whole matched set at one time.

Bottom line:

I hope Woot! doesn’t have too many of these, or we could have a W00t-off killer in the making. Or maybe some will get really lucky with their Brownie of Cannabis.

But what do I know? They sell out of the Shun knife sets; this is a similar sort of thing, price- and value-wise.

Good price - google shopping link

$530 at Amazon. Looks like a good buy !!!

what beats me is that woot sold a billion speakers and never anything for them to plug into. can we get a decent amp/receiver already? there was one like for $1000 like a year or two ago, but that was a bit out of my price range.

I absolutely love this speaker! The sound quality is superb. I may even have to buy another one for my MAN CAVE in addition to the one that is in my living room.

BTW: These (like all Energy speakers) come with a 5-YEAR Manufacturer Warranty! I have had to deal with them before and it was painless, quick & easy!

I was thinking the same thing. You think the woot gods will agree?

Energy’s are so ridiculously well regarded, it’s amazing really. Unfortunately, speakers need to be matched. I won’t be buying these cause they don’t match my fronts. If I didn’t already have hundreds invested in different fronts, I’d probably grab three of these. Two for fronts, one for center.

Spend 5 seconds of your time with this video!

Ugh. Woot and stuff I should not buy.

I think I can hold off this time - I got polk 50’s, then 60’s, then 70’s - and I got a CS1 center speaker and then because people said the CS2 is matched with the 70’s and I should get that, I got that.

None of it is hooked up yet.

Then I see this and it looks like ‘oh my gosh that probably sounds great’.

Bad idea.

If I needed a great center and didn’t have one, ok.

I don’t need this. The CS2 will be great. Right?

seen it elsewhere for as low as 324 shipped before not today though.

Energy is one of the best makers of mid-to-high frequency speakers anywhere. If I had room for this speaker in my system I would be in for one without even thinking about it. I cannot say enough about the quality of Energy’s products. Fantastically bright and balanced sound. If you’re looking for a crown jewel for your 5 or 7.1 channel system, you can stop now - this is it. The center channel is the most important speaker in any multi-channel system and requires a higher investment than the other components.

If you already have Polk 70’s then the CS2 is fine. This speaker may be better but it’ll make your system sound weird.

Now if only you had a time machine…

I compared everything from mid range priced speakers like these energy’s to top end equipment. I personally find all energy products to be a little too bright (tinny). I guess that would be great for those who enjoy lots of treble.

I personally enjoy the accurate and natural reproduction of various natural acoustic instruments (e.g. Piano, Guitar, Woodwinds, Brass…).

For accurate reproduction I highly recommend Paradigm or Definitive, although they are a bit pricey.

I like how the binding posts are labelled nicely, It makes it easier to set up a bi-amped system without having to consult the manual or hope that the HF anes follow the “top” convention.

It’s the small things like that that let one know one has a quality product.