Energy Efficient

Just in case you don’t get it. Cats sleep a lot.

OK help I’m in love I need another T shirt if it’s this one, despite the 4 zillion shirts I have already

And baby blue! My kitty will approve!

Nothing is more energy efficient than a cat! They sleep 16+ hours a day!

Definitely captures the “can not will not be disturbed*” face.

*leave all disturbances to the write up, as is sometimes the case.

congrats on the print kevlar! nice take on the logo!

Love the shirt, hate the gross write up.

All the times derby shirts are blocked because of IP issues, and yet this goes live? Surely it’s a trademark violation?


Parody is fair use, no?

That’s the usual argument with derby designs, yet Woot doesn’t seem to buy it there.

For the bio writer.

I thought the concept of the shirt was cute and was thinking of buying it, but the disgusting description turned me off. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Thanks for losing a sale!

Cute shirt, but with the cuteness totally exsanguinated by the writeup. Totally ruins it for me. I kinda feel bad for the artist.

wishes people could find a way to accept that the woot write-up isn’t the only “story” behind these shirts If you don’t like the woot’s story, make your own.

But enough about that.

So energy efficient kitty, eh. This does provide some incentive to get a cat. Maybe we could get some pompous legislative politician to pass a bill giving tax rebates to cat owners.

I agree. I am choosing to ignore the story. My interpretation is that the kitty is sleeping a lot; much like some energy efficient appliances go into “sleep” mode to save power.

disturbing write-up, but not enough to put me off the blue/cat combo. why must you repeatedly target my weaknesses?

So… wait… energy star appliances are powered by cats? pulls out a screwdriver and goes to see if there are any energy star things in the house

I agree with you completely.
Great shirt, horrible review!

That review. WTC. Who wrote that, they need serious help. Psychiatric help. Immediately.

Don’t kids view this site too?

P.S. Cute shirt.

…i’m with you on this…saw the shirt, was ready to buy, then read the description…i do feline rescue …see too much carnage/abuse to ever wear this shirt now…