Energy Efficient


Very cute shirt, but I’m wishing I had never looked at the write up!


Thanks Woot! And thanks everybody for enjoying the design.
For those of you on the fence about the write-up, here’s my advice: sleep on it, then come back tomorrow and buy it without looking at the words :wink:


It’s silly. Silly indeed.


Wow. I can’t believe so many people are so upset about the write-up. O_o

Clearly meant to be a joke about being extremely green…


Great shirt. Hilarious and appropriate write-up. ;]


And they are solar powered!


Just for the shirtwoot virgins - The t-shirt artist has NOTHING to do with the goofy/funny/stupid/repulsive/weird/etc. writeup. And the writeup has nothing to do with the actual design of the shirt. I guarantee that the artist is referring to a sleeping cat, NOT a dead cat.


This looks like the purrrfect sleep shirt. I orded two – the larger men’s size for night wear and the women’s for day.

Based on comments above, I’m going to skip reading the write-up today.


Fine, why were at it,
You can make cats more energy efficient with barbiturates.
They’ll hibernate all summer long!


I couldn’t agree more.


All of you griping about the writeup saying youre not buying the shirt? Youre not fooling anyone… you were NOT going to buy it anyway! Just an excuse… who cares… those who really want it are buying it REGARDLESS… as the whole country is lit up as buying! Great shirt!



Also, for those offended, I think I may have a spare sense of humor around here somewhere…

But you probably wouldn’t want it, since it’s printed on cream.


I think the writeup is a hilarious example of energy efficiency gone horribly awry. All you chumps who refuse to buy a shirt because you don’t like the article on the website are babies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d include an appropriate animated gif but apparently my new employer blocks everything! I guess I’m lucky to still be around at all during the day.


Monty Python was generally amusing, though.

Ah, sorry, you’re referring to Monte-Python, the class of computational algorithms that rely on repeated random sampling of words to generate potentially amusing text. It failed in this case, unfortunately.


you are so wrong…i buy most of the cat-related shirts…but every time i would put this one on it would make me think of the write-up…i understand it has nothing to do with the artist…but if you had ever seen what some people do to cats you would understand the ‘not-funny’ about it…


Well, yeah. It’s not that the writeup offends me, it just sends a different message about the shirt. You look at the shirt and you think the cat is sleeping. You look at the description and it says the cat is dead. It’s just awkward. I would wear a sleeping cat shirt but not a shirt with a dead cat on it, that’s gross. And the “official” description is there telling me the cat is dead!


Ignoring write-up…ADORE the shirt. :slight_smile: How can I turn that down for $12? :slight_smile:


Except that no one would look at the shirt and think “dead cat” because it is obviously a sleeping cat. Dead cats do not curl up with their tails around them–that’s a live cat position. Maybe you would think “dead cat” because you’d read the description, but no one else would. Write up or not, I see a sleeping cat. :slight_smile:


Do these shirts shrink? I’m a woman but tempted to get a men’s small because of the longer length (I’m 5’ 7", 105 pounds, and don’t mind a shirt to be a bit big)


Is turning a dead cat into a helicopter considered energy efficient?