Energy Power Bar Soundbar with Subwoofer

Does anyone know if this will learn to use LG Magic Remote? Some user forums say Magic remote is unlike most remotes (IR) and instead uses RF to send signals…

Also this is cheaper on the Mothership?

The cheaper ones on Amazon are “Used” condition. Our offer is for “Factory Reconditioned” models.

No, this will not be able to learn the commands from the LG “magic” remote controls. The Power Bar can only learn IR commands from a remote, the LG “magic” remotes use RF only. The only way to get it to work is if the TV has either a headphone output or a variable audio output. One would simply use the Power Bar as a powered speaker and turn the volume up or down on TV. Assuming the audio output is variable, this would work.

will it learn a warner cable remote?

will it learn a warner cable remote?

Is a connection cable required between the sub and soundbar or is this connection wireless ?

According to the Features on this, it’s an 8" wireless down-firing subwoofer