Energy RC-Mini Satellite Bookshelf Speaker

Didn’t somebody keep asking for this yesterday?

ONE speaker? A woot for half-deaf people !


This might be the turd that breaks the camel’s back.

I have a set (two) of these and they sound pretty good… everyone needs to buy two (or three)

If it was a subwoofer I’d bite. But I have enough satellite speakers…

$205 on Amazon
good review. Quality speaker company. Sellout.woot had huge floorstanders last week for $800 a speaker! At least this is 10x cheaper!

Sooooooooooo, does one need an amp for this speaker or can one just plug and play and still get decent sound ?

‘Deep bass from 4.5” ribbed Elliptical Surround woofer’ - I am a lttle skeptical of how deep that bass could be.

So what does one do with one speaker? Which channel is this for?

Will this work with my old transistor radio?

Wow, Now I can sell my twin 15" sub…

Good to know that one speaker is good enough! It must be a BOSE!!! w00t

It’s a hell of a deal. I’m no Reference Connoisseur, but these are $205 on Amazon right now. AMAZON

That’s a weird looking Rhoomba.

this is a great for any RAVE PARTY. GET 4 FOR AWESOMENESS…

Stopped at my local thrift shop last night to check out used snowboards…

Found a BRAND NEW-looking (no scratches) perfectly operating Denon bookshelf stereo [model D-150] with AWESOME speakers for $40.

Hopefully they only have 1 speaker total to sell.

One speaker? Perfect!

This will work great for my receiver where one of the outputs to the rear channels burned out. :stuck_out_tongue:

If they have odd numbers we are screwed.