Energy Reference Connoisseur LCR Speaker


Do you hear that billy? It is the sound of the woot off dieing.

I hereby dun thee Sir woot-off Killer

woot killer

If this is for connoisseurs, shouldn’t it be on wine.woot?

I’m going to get two of these and make a giant pair of headphones

see you in an hour, woot.

i would like some 700 knives to go with this speaker.

wootoff = dead

energy reference for the nut connoisseur?

OOOOH these are rare. Such a great price! Everyone should have 3 of these! I’m in!

Woot really should have combined these speakers together…


This speaker better rock my nuts and not sound like DIRT!

I think someone tried to sell me one of these out of a white van in my supermarket parking lot…

Thank God…a $250.00 speaker for my $50.00 IPod

we can only hope

It’s the sell all the stuff we just got shipped from Amazon and the extra junk hiding behind the extra junk Woot!off

$519 on Amazon new.

See what you get about whining about the nuts? lol