Energy Reference Connoisseur RC-70 Tower Speaker

Sigh. If I only had $400 bucks laying around before Christmas.

That would only buy you one!

Used to have a pair of Energy C-5 (The older Connoisseur line), and they were great speakers. Unfortunately I am just about to move across country or I would jump on these for this price.

Turn it sideways and it’s a big lopsided center channel. I hope an A/V installer reads this and has nightmares.

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That’s a pretty impressive frequency range for that price. My old Klipsch only go down to 34 Hz. You could buy these [2] and not NEED to worry about a subwoofer. I’ve heard decent things about the bang-for-buck Energy speakers.





Review on YouTube


These speakers weigh 61lbs. I’m glad I’m not paying shipping

Can we just slide this in the car and expect to work??

A fat guy reading technical mumbo jumbo off a teleprompter poorly.

These seem like really good speakers and have a high MSRP. Is the $399 price tag on these a good deal?

Has anyone owned these and any more information on them? Seems like a good deal to jump on.

$399 is for one. You’re out 800 bones for a pair.

Guys, guys. This isn’t a speaker, it’s a hundred-dollar lamp.

ROFL. That was interesting.

Hey! Before buying this check this: they are Polk Monitor70 series II towers for 159.99 each with code so you can get both for less than the price of this WOOT. Normally WOOT rocks the sales but newegg has an awesome deal here. Just bought a pair last week, got them, love them!

I have always found Woot’s written copy hilarious. But this time it stopped me cold from making the purchase. It hits a little too close to home.

OK, fixed link!

Polk Tower Speaker deal

You’re comparing a yugo to a ferrari.