Energy Reference Connoisseur Surround Speaker

Product: 1 Energy RC-R Surround Speaker – Black

Condition: New

Price:$129.99 $5 shipping

another single speaker!

I’d buy a hundred if woot would let me update my shipping address to a place where I actually live

hmmm, this looks interesting.

no dice for something cool or bag of crap. please let there only be like 1 or 2…

I would have bought this except it wasn’t a direct accessory to an iPhone. Woot needs to get back on point! oh well :confused:

Spryte, you out there? I know it’s a bit early… :slight_smile:

excellent, now I can go home, this should take a while


Going to take a nap … This will take a while

Collect the whole set?

First vertical, then horizontal, now squeezed to make a box… what gives with the speakers already?

Product Website

are you sure this isn’t an iConnoisseur Surround Speaker

seems to be discontinued?

LOL, watch woot will have the last sale as all speakers with a discount and all the people who bought singles will get screwed.

Why are speakers sold as singles but usually are used in Pairs. Duh!

I think woot is trying to tell us all that we need to get new speakers and upgrade our home entertainment systems.

This is starting to look less like a wootoff and more like Woot trying to sell their wares out of the back of a questionable white van.