Energy Take Classic 5pc Speaker System



I need some speakers to go with the Sherwood stereo I snagged on Woot a little while back. We are not a fancy family, just like to play the radio every once in a while. Does anyone know if these would be a good match for the system?


Great little system, mine are powered with an Onkyo 7.1 Receiver (in case I ever have the room for 2 more) and a 10" Velodyne sub.
Word of advice, I’ve been through 2 sets of these speakers, so be careful with them initially. Be patient and break them in properly.
They have wonderful sound, especially for the price. I bought my set from Newegg a long time ago for $200, and I’m still happy with my purchase nearly 4 years later.


I am really like these speakers. I have them connected to a yamaha v671 & I use a Polk pw505(?) sub. I think they do well in a smaller room.


Probably better for movies than music. These speakers really need to be matched with a subwoofer too.

I’ve owned these, paid $300 for them, and felt like I got more than my money’s worth from them. Excellent entry-level home theater speakers.


These are a great little set. I also purchased through newegg, along with a nice subwoofer and the sound is great! This may be a bit of overkill if you’re planning on just listening to the radio on them. Not that they won’t work just fine, but typically a couple of speakers are all that’s needed for the radio imo.


I actually just got around to hooking them up to the Sherwood I bought when they were on sale. Tis what happens when Sandy leaves me without anything to do for a day.

Anyways, they sound pretty good. I let the auto-setup do its thing. Only thing I have noticed is that the receiver is a tad on the quiet side with these speakers, but it’s nothing to scoff at, and I’m sure with a little more playing, it will be nice and loud.

Obviously, this is just the 5.0 set of speakers. If you want 5.1, you’re going to need a subwoofer, and based on the response of these speakers, if you plan to do anything more than listen to talk radio, you’re certainly going to need the depth brought by a sub.

I picked up a Dayton SUB-1200 from Parts Express and it nicely fills the void. It took a bit of guesswork to get said speaker to work with the Receiver, but again, that’s on the receiver, not on the speakers.

For cabling, you can pick up a roll of speaker cable from Parts Express or Monoprice for decently cheap, as well as some banana plugs to go with your receiver.

Enjoy whatever you pick


Just picked up the pioneer 1022-k and now I got my speakers. Anyone know of a good subwoofer to pair with these? I’m going just 5.1 until I can get some towers for the front.


I got a set of these a while back of craigslist and I have them paired with a Polk Audio PSW10 and a Yamaha RX-V371 receiver. Excellent sound quality and they look really nice on my shelf. They also look really cool if you take the speaker covers off. Only thing I am not too fond of is that the speaker boxes are glossy so they collect dust. Would buy them again in a heartbeat


As I mentioned above, I picked up the Dayton SUB-1200 from Parts Express. This was primarily a money thing, as it was around 125, give or take discounts and shipping, but has great reviews. I haven’t fully broken in the system, but so far I am happy.

It really boils down to your price range. The SUB-1200, according to reviews, is great for the money. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, the Yamaha SW315 and Polk Audio PSW505 will run you around 200 and 250 respectively. Both seem to be extremely well regarded, and the Yamaha my parents have seems to get the job done.

Obviously, Polk and Yamaha both have cheaper subs in like with the SUB-1200, with the PSW10 mentioned above and the YST-SW216. The PSW10, again, is a highly reviewed speaker, and would probably be great for the price. I honestly don’t recall why I went with Dayton over Polk, especially given Amazon Prime shipping on the Polk…

Good hunting


Bic f12 or Polk PSW-505 will work great with these speakers. About $200 on Amazon.

If you want to go cheap check out the Dayton Sub-1000 or Sub-1200 from parts express.


I bought these speakers from Amazon in the Home Theater System package that includes a subwoofer. (It is currently $399) I paired them with my Yamaha RX-V671 AV Receiver, plus two speakers from my old system to fill out the 7.1 surround the receiver provides.

The sound from the system was really pretty good. In my smallish living room, they could get plenty loud. But the better thing, to me, was that I could play the volume low on a Sunday morning while the wife slept, and still hear well with good response from music and spoken word.

If I were doing it now, I would buy these for $150 and use the extra $250 to buy a good subwoofer, rather than the package from Amazon.

BTW, my current system adds a pair of floor speakers for the L-R fronts, and these 5 speakers are used for surround. I reduced the output to them so that no matter how many watts my receiver puts out, these are not overdriven. The result is music loud enough to knock pictures from the walls (oops) and yet it sounds terrific.

If you have a subwoofer and reference floor speakers, these complete a fantastic 7.1 surround system.


I bought a set of these the last time they were on here a few months back for $169. Great speakers and very happy with them. They sound great with music as well as home theatre. You may need to add some bass though. I paired mine with a Polk Audio 12" powered sub.
For the price these Take 5 Classics are a great deal.


I’m not sure the model number I have, but I can attest to the quality of BIC subwoofers. The model I have mated with Venturi speakers (5.1 setup) rattles my basement like the world is coming to an end.


My living room setup is this take 5 system and a BIC Subwoofer. I have been very happy with both of them. I think that these both give you a great bang for your buck. I would highly recommend.


Powered Sub? Does not look like it


I bought these a year ago and paired them with an Onkyo 7.1 system. These sound amazing. Very clear at all volume settings. With the onkyo turned up to 50 (out of 100), these get extremely loud. I crank it in the morning when getting ready for work and i can clearly hear them throughout the house.

I wouldnt hesitate to buy these again. I love how small they are and they just blend in to my media center without being an eye sore.

you will need a sub… but that goes with any home theater setup. Its never a great idea to rely on your main speakers for bass. I bought a $125 Polk sub from BB and it sounds great and paired well with this. If i had to do it again, i prob would have saved for a better sub, but i have no complaints. I use my system for music, tv, movies, gaming… all sounds excellent and MUCH better than my buddies overpriced Bose system.



Bought my first Energy Take 5.1 system over 15 years ago and love it. In my opinion, it is the best low cost system on the market. I sounds better than some of my friends’ systems that cost 3 times as much. When my kids blew them out last year, I replaced them with the same system. As others have stated, you will need to pair these with a subwoofer. While there have been several good suggestions, I would pair them with a sub designed to match the system. Energy makes several very good subwoofers. The original one that was matched to the Take 5 was the ESW-8. Energy’s current model is the ESW-C8. It is available from Amazon for $200. To save a few bucks and get a little more oomph, you might also consider the Energy EW-100 at $172.


These Speakers Sound Great!

When I was selling Home Theater Systems I sold a lot of Energy, and I still have Energy in my home. They give a crisp, clean sound efficiently and with great frequency response.

However, I am not thrilled that this set of Take5’s come without a subwoofer.


Amazon 4.5 Stars: Visit Amazon

Newegg 5 Eggs:Visit NewEgg

And if you bought the Pioneer VSX-1022-K Receiver from Woot! yesterday, these are a must.