Energy Take Classic 5pc Speaker System



This is a very highly rated system.


Why would I buy this here when a “female chicken product that you have for breakfast” site has it for $25 less after shipping costs? Come on Woot, you can at least match them in price.


I’ve never tried mounting a speaker via back screw holes… Would that mess with the air flow through the rear intake? Would it muffle the sound?


I have been very happy with my Energy speakers, from woot! a few years back.

I wish we could get just the center channel though.



Hmmmmmmmmmm, that’s downright interesting. Took me a bit to figure out that store.

But to make things all better, **we’ve lowered the price to $119. **

Now, will it fit in your stocking?

Edit: Almost forgot… now, go buy 3.


Haha, Thanks Thunder Thighs! I was on the site and saw it at $129 and was confused when I saw it again on Woot for $119. Ask and ye shall receive!


Well, you won’t always receive but we try to do our best.

Did you buy 3 yet?


Damn your eyes, Woot! I just bought these two weeks ago for $150 from the mothership. Installed last weekend.

But, to anyone thinking about it…yes, buy these. Excellent low cost speakers. Match them with a reasonable subwoofer, and it will fill a room.
I paired it with the Polk Audio PSW10.

grrr…it is almost, but not quite, worth the hassle to buy these, and send the other ones back to Amazon.
Almost, but not quite $25 worth.


iirc, energy take is a subsidiary development of klipsch. that speaks VOLUMES (bad pun i know) about their dependability in audio quality. i considered these at one point, but i’ve got too many TVs and soundbars w/ wireless subs were just the more practical solution…though, they are actually more expensive than most HT sets.


That is not the same product. The one in that review has a subwoofer.


Yes, but it’s the same speakers, sans sub.

I have these, and they’re pretty nice. Paired them with a Dayton SUB-1200
And apparently I paid $175 for them from Woot back in September. Oh how the prices drop


Damn you woot…I too paid more the last time. Really good price for decent speakers but you have to get a sub - I use cheap Polk 10 inches…works well.


Just wondering if you could tell me what “wireless surround / speaker system” you went with? Our son is trying to buy a wireless surround sound system for us for Christmas. Hoping to stay under $500.00 if possible & we don’t know a lot about systems but trying to research it. Do you think that’s doable? Thanks for any help you can give!


I have these. the sound just gets better and better. I do have the sub though. but at this price there’s enough left to get your own. The speakers are discreet but good looking. the sound is amazing. I don’t understand people who spent 2 grand on a tv and refuse to spend a couple dollars on sound to go with it. enjoy!


Hmm. first my email says they’re $149.

Now the site itself states $119.

regardless, doesn’t have a subwoofer :frowning:


I have a question. I have two nice old AR speakers, with a nice new Onkyo receiver. I was thinking of going into the surround-sound thing, but does it make sense for me to get something like this? Would I still be able to use my ARs with these, or would they be made redundant?


You could pair them up to good effect. Redundancy depends on your receiver. You will have a total of 7 speakers. 2 ARs plus 1 center plus 4 surrounds. If your onkyo can do 7.1 then you are good to go once you get a subwoofer (.1). Some might quibble over the voicing of the speakers but it doesn’t sound like you are in that category of listener. I say buy them. These are good quality speakers and you can get whatever sub you want which is the real jewel of any surround sound set up.


Thanks for your answer. That helps.