Engagement Ring Sets

This is perfect!!!

For a High School or Community theater department…

These could be useful if you want to have a ring to propose with and let her pick the actual ring later.

If you don’t have the money for the real thing, there’s no shame in that–but i don’t recommend that this plated crap is the answer…

However if you are just a cheap jerk, then get this for her so she knows what she’s getting herself into beforehand.

When a bottle of wine, a shirt, or any random knick knack on this site costs more than the ring you buy for the wife, you’ve got problems.

Drat. I was really hoping to buy one of these as I am getting married soon and would like a fake set to wear on our honeymoon out of the country. However, I need a size 5! =(

I need a size 5 too. I wonder if these could be sized down, or if that would make jewelers laugh

Just get a ring finger tattoo so you don’t have to take jewelry out of the country. If small enough, the ring will cover it if you’re worried about people judging you for having a tat.

I might get one for work - I teach one on one adult-ed, and sometimes have to fend off some really focused students. Someone recently suggested I get a fake engagement ring. Hm…

One of these would have been perfect for my ex!

Honestly, dudes don’t pay that much attention to your fingers.

With these prices, you can get multiple rings for that bride who keeps losing things. :wink:

[QUOTE=tanzmehr, post:3, topic:415373]
These could be useful if you want to have a ring to propose with and let her pick the actual ring later.

I LOVE this idea. It provides the best of both worlds; the surprise proposal with ring, and the picking out of the ring together. Both are really sweet.

My brother and his wife bought matching wedding rings (with no engagement ring), but for fun they bought a solitaire at a gas station for an engagement ring.

Let us not forget the polygamists. They are on a budget too.

We used to call these “motel rings”.

hahaha that’s a riot

So it is a silver ring. That is gold plated, then Rhodium plated?

All White Gold is Rhodium plated.

Real diamonds are a TOTAL SCAM. They are not rare, and are only expensive because DeBeers made them seem that way. Watch and learn. http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6952792/why-engagement-rings-are-a-scam

Or you could buy this to follow the tradition of getting a ring without following the tradition of being totally fleeced when getting a ring.

Note this only works if you are sure the other person agrees or if you are trying to marry an economist.

“He went to woot!”