Engel 30QT Cooler/Drybox - With Rod Holders

I bought this about a year ago. Biggest piece of crap ever. Don’t waste your money.
It’s a plastic box. Should be illegal to call it a cooler.

Agree with the previous post about it being called a cooler. It looks super cool, it’s tough and it can be used as a dry box but it is terrible as a cooler. Will not hold ice more than a few hours in temps over 80. I bought mine at Academy, I wish I would have spent a few more bucks on the Ozark roto molded cooler at Walmart, buddy has one at work and it holds ice for a couple of days. This dry box is just not insulated well enough to be a cooler.

That’s odd - Engel was the original manufacturer of the rotomolded coolers that were made popular by Yeti and then made by just about everyone else.

I’ve never owned one myself, but I’ve been on plenty of boats that had them and don’t recall them ever losing ice quickly. Could it be just this model? Is this one similar to the rotomolded models or is it just a regular plastic cooler?

Also - nothing Ozark should ever be comparable, people have had nothing but trouble with those product lines. I’ve owned both Yeti and RTIC, for a value play it’s RTIC all the way, especially when they’re on sale.

Is it possible that you could drill a small hole and spray some insulating foam into this cooler? That would likely make it a much better insulator.