Engel Cooler/Dry Box (3 Sizes, 3 Colors)

Does this cooler have a 30qt option with rod holders?

Does the pink version come with fishing rod holders?

Features & specs got eaten by a gremlin. We’re getting those added back in.

Pink doesn’t have rod holders.

We do but unfortunately not on Woot. You can check out our factory direct site at www.engelcoolers.com

Nope, no rod holders on the pink coolers. You can buy white rod holders as an option, directly from Engel Coolers and add them yourself.

Not a very compelling “deal.” Why is pink so much more expensive than the others, and why is http://www.engelcoolers.com/coolers/deepblue/cooler-dry-box/engel-dry-box-cooler-uc19 in pink more than http://www.engelcoolers.com/coolers/deepblue/cooler-dry-box/engel-pink-cooler-dry-box


ACK has the 30 qt in white for the same price.