Engel Cooler/Dry Box (3 Sizes, 3 Colors)

Check out the product page for the 19 qt. model

Wait so are these a different line than the coolers that are made to compete with Yeti?

Anybody tried one of these? Want to know how these hold up compared to a Yeti and all the other knock offs out there! Any info appreciated! Want to be girlie and get a pink one for the kayak. LOL!

Reviews on the 30 qt. over at Academy

I have an Engel 35qt, paid $230 for it. These don’t look like they’re as heavily-built and insulated as the one I have – 1.5-inch thick walls vs. 2-inch for my DeepBlue. These look like they’re designed more for day trips, or a short weekends at most. Not comparable to a Yeti or the like, but much better than a Coleman class cooler.

I have a 19qt that I used a lot last summer while kayaking. As was already said these dont really compare to something like a Yeti but they are pretty decent little coolers. The main advantage these have over coolers like Yetis is the weight. Mine keeps ice for maybe 2 days, which is perfect for a long day on the water without the extra 50 pounds in the kayak that I would have with a Yeti.

These are not designed to compete with a Yeti. And is not a knockoff Yeti. In fact Engel invented the super cooler when the need arose for offshore anglers. Everything, including Yeti is a knock off of an Engel. This cooler is like an old school coleman but with a much better seal. Not designed to hold ice for days. Works awesome for a dry box. I own Engels and they are top notch in manufacturing.

I have a 30qt White one and would like to have another but I just couldn’t push the buy button for a pink one.

I got one last wootoff. thought it was like the Engels above mentioned above. It is not!

Its a plastic storage tub. Not recommended as a cooler for even day trips in winter.

No cooler this small is going to hold ice for days. I have tested a Yeti, K2, Coleman Extreme, and this Engel (all same size) by filling half with ice and 4 cans of cold beer. Left outside in the summer 85+ degree temps and only opened every 12 hours to check performance. The Yeti didn’t perform any better than the Coleman Extreme and the Engel was right there with them. For a cooler this size it’s designed to keep your stuff cold for about 4-6 hours with constant opening and closing of the lid. For what they are asking for these coolers they are a bargain and worth the price.

The fishing rod design 19 qt. size strikes me as an excellent Woot for intended day use fishing. The 4 rod holders alone sell for over $15 each on Amazon, reviews are solid, reputation of company high. In for one.

As others have stated, this is not an hard-core cooler. It is a great little cooler for traveling or 4-6 hour fishing trips, picnics etc. The 30 quart also works great for marinating food before smoking or even a turkey before frying.

Are the rod holders removable?

Actually, you bolt the rod holders on when you receive the box. So you would just refrain from installing. I agree with all of the positive posts above.This is a good product at a good price.

I am with the manufacturer. Yes, these are very different from our High Performance Roto-Molded coolers, similar to Yeti. These are day coolers and dryboxes. Please see out website www.engelcoolers.com for the High Performance coolers… and just a heads up, we were the first and original (and best performing) High Performance Roto-molded cooler, Yeti came after us. Engel has been around 50 years!

We have a lot of clients using these for storing emergency kits because everything will stay dry in them and they float. Also very popular with construction workers for lunch boxes.

To clarify… here is an image of our full line of products to show the difference.

High Performance Roto-Molded Coolers - 9 sizes from 25qt to 320qt.
Dryboxes / day coolers - 3 sizes 13, 19 and 30qt
Backpack Coolers - White, RealTree and Kryptek
AC/DC Fridge Freezers - 16 different versions
High Performance 30oz Tumblers



I went ahead and bought a second one this go round so I’d have one at my daughters house for fishing. The 19 quart is $10 cheaper than the first one I bought from Woot.

These were around before YETI was ever thought of, and are much better than YETI. Engels have always been the top brand, they just don’t do all the marketing YETI does. Real fishermen know this. I just bought three!