EnGenius EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System

Before anyone asks, the EMR3000 can only be powered using the default 12V 1.5A power adapter that comes with it. It cannot be powered via PoE. What is PoE? Here’s the Wiki: Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia

I am a computer dunce. I currently have cable only and would like to get Wifi without paying the extra fee to vial Spectrum monthly. Would this allow me to get Wifi through with my cable connection/modem without paying for Wifi to Spectrum??

If I understand what you are asking correctly, you want to know if this would replace your cable modem provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) of which they charge a monthly fee.

No, this would not. This only allows you to have more control over the wireless SSID that your devices connect to; however, you would still require a cable modem to provide internet access from your ISP (i.e. Spectrum).

From time to time, Woot will have cable modems that WOULD allow you to replace the unit provided by your ISP, but I would caution to verify the compatibility before purchasing.

There is a review over at smallnetbuilder; says it works, but is perhaps a generation behind in terms of components - no surprises. They did mention a lack of documentation.

For what it’s worth, I bought during last offering and it works great for my 3 level house. Connecting was a little funky but with the app and a couple of reboots everything was up and running in 15min. Have never had an issue with speeds or losing connectivity… use regular WiFi for mobile devices but plugged TVs hard wired to ensure connectivity. Even extended my coverage out to my driveway now. For the price would definitely buy again.

If you currently have a wired cat5 network connection (looks like a wider phone jack. See the 2nd to last photo of the EnGenius and the middle 2 sockets that are blue and white are the network ports.) to internet from your cable box modem that you can connect to a computer, then yes, this should give you wifi. You will simply plug in the EnGenius base into a network socket on your cable modem. If your cable only provides TV channels and not a wired internet connection, then this will not provide wifi connection to the internet.

Purchased last time. Setup was a little different from what you are used to if you setup this kind of thing for a living, but seemed simple enough.

System works really well, no more dead spots in the house. WWC (Wife Wireless Complaints) went from about 2 a week to 0.

These have no support for Mu-MIMO. That’s pretty important if you have several devices connected in your home. Just figured I would give a heads up from an IT perspective.

WWC Lol !

Former Spectrum employee here. The answer is yes. You’ll still be paying the monthly charge for internet access, and a monthly charge for a cable modem, but this product will allow you to take the WiFi unit back to Spectrum and stop paying the monthly WiFi charge.

Spectrum will generally supply the cable modem and charge an extra $5 per month (or so) to provide the customer with a WiFi router that is wired into the modem. So this is exactly what KLM needs. Or, you can head down to your local big blue store and pick up a little Belkin WiFi router for around $50, but this unit on woot! should do you just fine for several years to come.

Do you need to buy a separate modem to use these routers? It’s not clear on the listing. Thanks!

For what it’s worth. I bought this system last time. Install was easy. I have had NO drops other than from a power failure. Signal strength is good. No dead spots. Very pleased. I would buy again if needed. Spectrum modem is supplied at no cost in my area. I stream video, cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc and 8 desktops wired. Happy!

I can’t speak for this exact Wifi Mesh system, but I can speak from years of experience of buying really high end Wifi Routers only to keep replacing them for the next more powerful router. None did the trick of eliminating dead spots. Then I tried a Mesh system similar to this one. No more dead spots. No more weak signal spots. Just flawless and consistent Wifi throughout my 3 story house. I strongly recommend a Mesh system like this to replace single routers. Especially if you live in an older house.

My daughter has spectrum. They charge you, at least they do in her area, an extra 5 bucks if you want to use their modem/router for wifi. I just replaced my ASUS AC1750 with a Asus ROG 5300 and hooked the 1750 up to her modem. So, she’s saving only 5 bucks a month but puts her in more control, better coverage and lot more features. Spectrum tried to upsale her on something she said, not sure on what, but they were trying to talk her into keeping the WiFi option “just in case”.

I went from the ASUS 1750 to the ROG 5300. No dead spots in my basement and one of the kids who has a gaming rig in his room, on the FAR SIDE of the house, 2nd floor used a Powerline 1200 (netgear) that was pretty good as far as throughput and latency, but since I got the 5300, put him on his on 5ghz gaming link, he’s all wireless. My house is 4k sq ft (3 floors). My footprint, according to my phone app, is 3 houses either direction on my street to keep 3 or more bars. But latest update took away the ability to change transmit power (or I clicked on something and now it’s gone LOL). But it does have great range IMO. Interface takes some getting use to, not the same as previous WRT setups.

Spectrum gives you a modem with your plan. You rent a wifi router from them that plugs into the free modem. This wifi set will replace the wifi router you rent. You should be good to go with these. I cannot say how good they are, I use google wifi routers. I have used other Engenius routers in the past and they were very good.

My provider supplies a cheap modem and charges and outrageous amount for it. I bought a Linksys 16 channel cable modem and already had a Linksys ac1900 WiFi router. Check if they are also charging for your modem.

Spectrum modem’s are no charge, however if you want WiFi it costs an extra $5 a month. So I believe the answer to his question is yes.

It should be understood that the cost of Spectrum modem is bundled into the cost of Internet access, and not free or “no charge.”