EnginDOT Cordless 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

This is why I’m really confused now. It has a shipping date and estimated day of delivery, but the money is fully refunded. It just doesn’t make any sense to me that I will be getting anything from this order.

Hi there. I’m really sorry for the poor experience. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t inventory to ship the product and we have no inventory remaining. You’re not the only one affected by this. There was a setup error on our end. When the error was corrected and the inventory updated, we were short. We had to cancel quite a few orders for this item.

As to why your order still shows that, it’s because our admin system is old and stupid. It doesn’t know to update the status to show canceled/refunded.

I’m sorry.

What about this post though?

That one didn’t ship either. The system was showing inventory at the time but it must have been incorrect bc Amazon returned an “unfillable” error.

Thank you.

I just received my vacuum after a few weeks of waiting for a shipment, and I just want to let you know that it’s probably a good thing that they didn’t ship yours and refunded you. This vacuum was a great deal, easy to put together, but the suction power is terrible. Not useful on carpets at all, and for wood floors it will take the dust off the floors, but if you have any debris with minimal height, the vacuum will just push it around. Then try to put the vacuum head on top of that debris and it will just not get sucked up. On my first used after charging it fully, when it ran out of battery, it just dumped a bunch of debris out of the tube onto the floor, like it was suctioning it but wouldn’t make it into the debris bin, so losing power just dropped all that debris . I took it apart thinking maybe something was stuck in the tubing or openings, but no. I was really looking forward to using this vacuum but unfortunately I will need to return it because I know I will get very frustrated, so back to the plug-in stick vacuum and shark cordless hand vac.

I will say that the packaging and presentation of this item was great so I really had high hopes as I was opening and assembling it. When I very first turned it on I thought oh no I’ve been duped, then, as stated above I tried to use it, which only confirmed my disappointment. I generally like to uplift companies and their products, but this one is an unfortunate miss. Simply stated, it does not have the suction power of which they present in their advertising.

Sorry you’re unhappy with it. You have a 30-day return policy if you choose. Here’s our return policy:

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