England 932AD



England 932AD


Congrats Simic! Awesome design and a well deserved win!


Great win, congrats!

I can see my house from here. I live in that clump of three trees between the knight weighing a witch and cloud guy. :^)

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Congrats simic! Great job man, well deserved.


OMG this shirt is too funny


Hooray Simic! Congrats on your funny first place win! :smiley:


congrats Simic, bloomin brilliant win!!!


I was going to ask you and @poopycakes for your locations, but Halloween sucked up all of my time. I was going to put something silly there.


I thought the year was 787?

Linkman: The place is England. The year is 787.
Linkman: Of course it’s A.D. You don’t have to say it’s A.D. I mean, they didn’t have A.D. written on Letts Schoolboy’s Diary, I mean no one is going to say on new years eve “Welcome to 1988 A.D.” It’s 787.
Voice:An aeroplane?
Linkman: No, it’s not an aeroplane, it’s 787, the year!
Voice: B.C. then?
Linkman: No, it’s not likely to be B.C. anyway. Nothing happened in 787 B.C. Well, not in England. Ah, all right, in Egypt…
Voice: In Sumeria, then?
Linkman:…in Sumeria, yes absolutely, but I didn’t say “The place is Sumeria. The year is…” Hang on, hang on, wait, look, we gotta sort this out. This is background, it’s important material, and it’s new, it’s a totally new link, they won’t understand a word of it, you know, if you fade me out now. (fade)


I don’t even remember that part. But the action starts with this :



I love this. I have it bookmarked to buy for my husband (who is a much bigger fan than I) for his birthday that is coming up early December. :slight_smile:


I didn’t remember that. I wonder why they would use one year for the movie, then talk about a different year in the audio? Probably just for the laugh I guess… Here’s a link to the audio of that intro. http://www.madmusic.com/song_details.aspx?SongID=27678