English misuse


Long ago there was a thread that ran a few pages about this subject. We have a bunch of new people here now so there may be ones we haven’t heard before. I found one today that drives me crazy.

People that refer to the “medium” in the center of the road. It’s MEDIAN, people.


Just spelling, but “rediculous” … AGH!


Really people. Irregardless? The Ir- is redundant. It used to be considered a mistake, but spell check just let me put irregardless in. regardless of how I feel about it.

Thank you.


You guys are just too fussy. Go with the flow! Let the language evolve!


Staying within the automotive theme, I cringe when people talk about stepping on the exhilarator.

Or, (and this is becoming common usage now, even in the newspapers and TV news) referring to the heavy, steel structure that prevents you from plummeting to your death off an embankment, as the guide rail. Arrrgh!


Is it guiding you to your death?


:slight_smile: It’s only a GUIDE rail if you’re driving by Braille …


There are myriad problems; not a myriad of problems.


Too bad there wasn’t a guard there to help.


Really? I always heard it the wrong way.

I know this was on the last thread
I could care less.

Guys, it is I couldn’t care less!


Basically, it’s an adjective now but using it as a noun is acceptable.


Speaking of changes in usage patterns … When did “to be” become optional in sentences such as:

“The engine in your automobile needs to be repaired.”
“The entire staff is required to be invited to the meeting.”

I now see these two, and others like them, written as:

“The engine in your automobile needs repaired.”
“The entire staff is required invited to the meeting.”

If I had 10 cent for every time I hear’ed that, I be rich, and sh1t.


I think that’s a regional thing. I know people from West Virginia and Pennsylvania who say that, but I don’t think it’s accepted as correct English. Got in a big argument with a friend who prides herself on her grammar over that. She was sure it was correct, since she had used it all of her life. It still sounds funny to me.


A phrase that bothers me quite often here in Utah is given below.

I bought me a (use a noun here).


Oh, no, not just in Utah. It’s all over. Just poor grammar.


jibe - to be compatible, to agree; not jive. Your conclusions jibe with mine.


“Basically” is unnecessary and annoying, IMHO. Sorry, no personal offense to you, just a huge pet peeve of mine.
Although something is used - a lot -doesn’t mean it’s correct or even accepted in other circles. I do know that language is a living thing, always evolving. But, just because the tide is turning doesn’t mean you need to swim out to meet it.


AZ feels the same way.

Unfortunately, I use “basically” and “actually” way too much also.




OK… here are two that drive me crazy to hear: