Engracia Sonoma Coast Chardonnay (3)

Engracia Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 3-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
$54.99 $123.00 55% off List Price
2013 Engracia Chardonnay, Silva Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

Hola amigos,

Good to be back on woot.

This 2013 Silva Vineyard Chardinnay is our first commercial release of Engracia Wines. We are proud to say it took a gold medal at the 2015 Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

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Any thoughts to share on the discrepancy between the claimed list price on Woot (3x 750ml @ $41/bottle) and the price offered on your own site at $30/bottle? Is there some other factor we’re missing?


Shipping is added to the woot list price (not Mike)

This is very good, I’m not a “white” wine drinker however I have had this several times while serving to friends whom have enjoyed it and are chardonnay drinkers. I did enjoy it but much prefer Mikes Pinot & Syrah.
Will probably pick up a set so I have it to serve friends and be able enjoy a glass with them.

I thought of that but the math didn’t check out when I made a test transaction. If that’s really the justification it’s a pretty lousy way to build up interest in a product by making the deal look better, especially since Woot doesn’t include shipping in their own prices and shipping should presumably vary by location.



If you like your Chardonnay with well integrated oak, I think you will like this wine.

We tasted this on three different evenings (with the use of our coravin) and we enjoyed it all three nights. This Chard has a gorgeous yellow color in the glass. I detected a hint of lemon on the nose, initially fruit forward, followed by a long smooth oak finish.

Thanks, Wine.Woot!

Woot prices do include shipping, but you’re right depending on where you’re at shipping prices vary. Like with any deal, a little research before you hit the buy button always a good idea to see what the real deal is. As an example, if I buy this from the winery website, with shipping and tax the total is $118.43. It’s not available from anyone else on wine-searcher. The one spot that has it is Mike’s shipper. So same price, $118.43.

If I buy this from woot, the price is $58.43 including shipping and tax. My wife likes chardonnay, so do I on occasion and this seems to fit our(my) style preference at a pretty fair price. Therefore it seems like a good deal on a well made wine. To me. In for one.


I really liked this chardonnay. I also could really taste the oak, the notes of lemon, and the coconut. It was a very “buttery” chardonnay and very easy to drink. Even if you don’t normally like chardonnays you’d probably really like this one!


Thanks. I really liked this well crafted wine. Bravo Mike!


I’m sorry you feel that way, but they do that for all wines, not just ours. You will notice it for all the other offerings.

Perhaps you can look past that and give it a go, It is still some great wine at a very good price.


I am glad woot sent you a bottle for tasting. Thank you for sharing your notes.

  • Mike

Shipping price is determined as an average price on 3 bottles

No malo and neutral oak, surprised by the oak and butter comments. Lees stirring contribute to that, or is that just more of a mouthfeel thing?


Glad your wife enjoys the chardonnay. Thank you for your support.


It’s interesting that I noticed the wine has gotten “buttery-er” as it has aged. It was a lot more crisp when it was initially released. It’s Still delicious stuff!

You are correct, lees, contribute to mouthfeel, not so much oak and butter.

Those were the tasting notes from years ago when it was first released, and for some reason it has changed. Not for the worse, just changed.

I think what happens is as the wine ages, the bright fresh fruit notes start to dissipate and the fuller richer flavors become more prevalent

Cool, thanks!

Thank you Wine Winedavid39,

I know you have always been a fan of this wine. Thank you for chiming in.

… Gotta get back to work now, but will check back in soon. Please feel free to keep the questions and comments coming.

  • Mike