Engracia Sonoma Mixed (6)

Hello fellow wooters! Happy Holidays. This is a great mix of our wines to celebrate with. Share them with your friends and loved ones. There is something here for all. Bright crisp chardonnay with slight oak to round off the acidic edges, full bodied Syrah for the red wine lovers and dessert wines to warm up your holiday spirit

These are award winning wines!

2013 Chardonnay and 2013 Syrah took Gold medals at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

The Angelica I did not enter because they require that you make at least 50 cases of a wine to enter it and this was only 33 cases of 375 ml. However, I give it a GOLD! It goes great over vanilla ice cream.

Mike makes some great wines. All three of these are worth the price of admission and then some. Will have to try some of the Angelica over ice cream, sounds delicious!

Mike’s wines are well worth the price, his Chardonnay converted me from being a strictly red drinker. The Syrah is wonderful - enjoyed a bottle just the other night. He makes a great Pinot Noir also (not offered this time).

Mike I will give you a call in the next day or two to place an order - Idaho is off the ship list again.

Thank you chipgreen and rc70 for the kind words! It’s so great to hear positive feedback on my wines. It makes me know that all my hard work is all worth while. I can make wines that I like, but if others don’t like them, it doesn’t work.

We will have some new releases soon. 2014 Silva Chardonnay & Pinot - although Pinot won’t be on woot - only 50 cases created. 2013 was the biggest yield we have had from that vineyard for Pinot Noir 2.5 tons opposed to the more regular yield of 1 ton. 2014 Saint Laurent will be available soon too!!! Keep an eye out :slight_smile:

  • Mike

Hi Mike!

Can you/Clark ship to PA yet?

Unfortunately not. There are only about 3-4 states we cannot ship to and that’s one of them. How about shipping to a friend family in a neighboring state?

Thanks Mike!
I live in IL and you guys ship to me frequently. :wink: I may need to make a Clark/Mike order sometime after the holidays.
I was trying to find a way to get some of the good stuff to my sister’s house in PA for the holidays, without having to haul anything on a plane.