Engracia Sonoma Valley Syrah (4)

Just tasted this for the first time a couple weeks ago with Mike, Clarke, and my wife Shannon, in Santa Rosa. Had a blast tasting a ton of wines from Mike and Clarke, all of which were enjoyed. I already had a bunch of Clarke’s wines in the cellar, so ended up buying almost everything that Mike poured for us- this Syrah, the Engracia Pinot, and a late harvest Syrah (I think that’s all, the wine hasn’t arrived yet.)

I didn’t take any notes, but remember that this Engracia Syrah was really lovely- wonderful nose, elegant mouthfeel, and lots and lots going on on the palate. I bought a few bottles on the spot.

Highly recommended.

Hi all, This is great timing! Engracia 2013 Deerfield Vineyard Syrah just took a Gold medal at the Sonoma County Harvest fair this past weekend!

Thank you wnance! It was great hosting you and your wife! Enjoy the wine!

Great to see Engracia back on woot!
If you haven’t gone in on any of the previous offers, its time to jump on the bandwagon. Going back and looking at previous Engracia offers, you will get a sense of how excited folks are after trying these wines.

I don’t have any detailed notes to share, but would agree with the description provided. Very balanced, great fruit, long finish. Definitely picked up on the mushroom/umami undertones that I like in a Syrah.

Great to have Mike on again.

Good to see you back! I really wish I could go in for this right now… but I have had a string of one thing go wrong after another…and of course all of them are major money drainers! I love your Pinot and hopefully after I stop hemorrhaging $$$, You will have another offer here… did I see Late Harvest? hmmmmm sounds delish!!

Love this wine.

You and me both, going to have to order direct unfortunately as Idaho has dropped of the ship to list along with Clark’s wine no longer being on the ship to list.

Thank you Trifecta, it is always great to be on woot and the awesome community here. Bring on the questions!

Thank you Winedavid! Great to be here!

This Syrah is a bit denser than most. I bled off some unfermented juice (saignée) to make the “Angelica” which left a higher skin to juice ratio which made the wine more concentrated and dense.

It’s not a beast by any means. I tamed the beast by leaving the wine to age 28 months in the barrels to soften the tanins and round off its’ harsh edges with the breathability the barrel gives it.

The oak treatment was neutral French and I added an oak inserts on 1 of the 4 barrels. You may notice a kiss of oak but it is subtle and just enhances the fruit a little by giving it an extra layer of flavor

Smooth, delicious now. What is it aging potential? Thank you for hosting our tasting when we were in Santa Rosa. Amazing wine!!

Thank you fr the kind words.

The wine is drinking very nicely now. It will benefit from decanting but it is not necessary. The wine will easily go 7 years +

This wine is a real exception for me. I generally don’t much care for Syrah because it’s all tertiary supporting aromas with no real point to the wine. For this reason, I much prefer Petite Sirah, which always has some nice fruit in the center.

Mike’s Syrah is a different story. You can tell from looking that it’s got great density and is plenty purple - sure to age well. But then the nose hands you all these plums! The tertiary notes are certainly there in a supporting role - Asian spice, porcini, romano, licorice and the classic grilled steak (charred beef marbling) are all there. Very restrained oak and civilized alcohol.

The mouth is ample and lush - bursting with fruit and full of round, refined tannins with already a good long finish. Very satisfying and with the kind of structural integrity that will age almost indefinitely, though drinking quite well already.

No wonder you bagged a Gold at Harvest Fair. This really stands head and shoulders above most Syrahs out there.

A couple questions for Mike.

What are the pros/cons with whole berry fermentation vs a standard crush?

Did this syrah, and does syrah in general, require any special attention to tannin management?

Ahh here we go, making me work for my money :slight_smile:

It’s not so much about pros and cons as it is about a technique choice. Just as you can pan sear a salmon on the stove top, you can also bake or broil it. Both will give you an outcome of a delicious tasting piece of fish but they will be a bit different from each other.

There are many different methods to whole berry fermentation, from leaving the clusters whole (no crush or de-stem), or partial whole cluster, or just de-stemmed but not crushed.

The idea is that the berries ferment from the inside out slowly which is said to enhance fruit character. In addition, the the tanin extraction is not as much as crushed (macerated) fruit.

For me, Syrah tends to be light on fruit in most cases. I thought that would be a good way to elevate more fruit characteristics. Also, since there was more skin to juice ratio from making the Angelica, I didn’t want the wine to be overly tanic but still wanted the density.

Bummer no Michigan. I bought these before from woot so why no Michigan this time?

Each winery must obtain a license from each state. The shipping states will vary from sale to sale.

I can’t say why Woot can’t sell to you in MI this time, but you should try the winery and ask if they can accommodate you directly. They’ve always encouraged people to contact them.

Contact me directly and We can get you some. mike@engraciawines.com