enjoy the view

could we maybe go three days without a tardis shirt? would that be possible?

Pretty sky. It kinda looks like a space ship. I’m ignoring the box.

Who is missing from this scene.

It’s bigger on the inside.

It is possible. We’ve done it just this week, in fact. But yeah, when you’re not into something, it sure can seem like every bloody shirt is that. I feel that way about ol’ Link and the wretched plumbers, myself.

how about some useful info on the sizing… like how wide across the chest and how long in inches…

… and here I am wearing @spiritgreen’s Legendarily Lost right now.

You mean like the sizing chart that’s posted on the shirt page?

I believe they are referring to the sizing of the print on the shirt. not shirt size.

Either way …


On topic, I am very okay with the amount of Tardis/Dr. Who shirts, except for the fact that 40% of the random shirts I get end up being Dr. Who themed. (this is hyperbole, I think 2 out of 12 have been Dr. Who)

I just really have zero time for that show and the folklore around it. I am happy for other people who do enjoy it, but I just wish it wouldn’t infect my random shirts.

What a difficult life I must live that I have so strong an opinion on vanity shirt designs…

These days people stick the Tardis on damn near anything and call it a new shirt design.

I love my Whovian shirts, but this one is just lame.
– Delorian
– Cat in the hat
– Fading into the darkness
– Dalek tree
– Who’s Next?

Damn you all for the lack of all the fine animal shirts available inthe derby! I like cute!!! >:O

Well there are many great cute choices available from this derby in the current side sale! Nice choices woot!