Enough Said

Hello Tara :slight_smile:

Sharknado san.

Clouds, though cute, look more threatening than the sharks ; )

same tatsumaki
shark tornado

Shut up and take my money!

Two shark shirts in a week. I’m all set for clothes for a while now :smiley:

Yep the sharks are taking over.

I had a small talk with Left Shark after Wednesday’s tee release:

This will make t-shirts smile

what does it say?

please, will someone make a shirt design for Corgistorm?

I love how busy, but how clean at the same time this is.

Congrats buddy, cool design!

Thanks!! The first shirt I ever bought from Woot was a Kawaii style, pop culture shirt, so I’m excited this one made the cut. :slight_smile:

There are way too many things I want to say about how perfect this shirt is, so I will just go with kawaii desu~!

A+ on the kawaii look btw!!! I’m a huge sucker for kawaii pop culture/science/nerdiness and you nailed it :slight_smile:

I kinda want to get this for my dad now, since he was a huge fan of how horrible the movie was X3