I wish someone would talk about their experience with this.

I know. I tried an Epilady back in the 80’s, when they first came out, and it hurt like crazy. Have they improved since then??

I don’t remember which style I have, but essentially any epilator is designed to rip hair out, and therefore will hurt. If you have never tried one before, I say check out youtube for video reviews.

I have found that mine is great for certain areas of my body, and other areas are way too sensitive, but different people have different degrees of pain tolerance.

How long does the hairlessness last compared to other methods of temporary unwanted hair (waxing, shaving)? Is it messy at all?

I have one of the early 1980s ones. First uses are crazy painful (did legs over a 3 day period, if I remember correctly), but then you use about once a month for a few years and now I use once or twice a year. For me, very little grows back. Buying one for my daughter.

I found waxing at home to be ineffective and messy. Better to go to a salon for that. But if epilator can do the trick at home, then awesome. And yours still works from the 80’s. That’s one hard working epilady.

Is an epilady just a tweezing machine?

I’ve never used one personally, but it certainly sounds like one, especially from the pictures and the description of the product. “31,000 tweezes per minute” etc

Yes, basically.

I have one of the Epilady models and I also have to do it over a few sessions. I can stand to do the fronts of my legs (less sensitive) on one day, then the back of one leg (much more sensitive) another day, then finish other leg on third day. It does usually take a few passes to get all the hairs, but once you are done it stays smooth for at least a few weeks, and the hair that grows back is less noticeable. I am psyching myself up to do my annual spring session. I find it is easier and less painful after a hot shower when the pores are more open.

I will also say, however, that I am overweight and my legs are in general more sensitive than normal. I have a friend who uses one (thin, athletic) and she says it hardly hurts at all. I think tighter, firmer skin hurts less as there is less pull on the skin as the hair comes out.