Enter The Pi

Maybe I should have taken the blue pill.

Sound like a very lonely guy, that Pi fellow. But he is quite good-looking. Maybe a little more confidence would give him inspiration to add to his extremely important work.

Woulda been cooler if the numbers for PI were used

Yeah. I just zoomed in and never spotted even the beginning. Lame.

The beginning is there. It’s the second line of “bright” numbers starting from the upper left.

It is 3/4 the way down on the left. 3.1415926535 stands out by itself.

  1. PI is infinite.
  2. All number combinations exist within PI
    Q.E.D: The numbers for PI were used.

Will this deliver in time for Pi day (March 14)?

Last year they missed it. Hoping this year, they succeed.

Ah yes, the most logical place to start it… good to know it’s somewhere.

The tee probably will BUT it can be iffy if you live the farthest away from Texas - east/west coast, AK, HI. Can also be iffy if your post office sucks.

If you definitely want it in time, you may want to upgrade to faster shipping.

Something something tiger in the lifeboat something…

Has anyone ever bought one of these hoodies from Woot? Are they worth the money? I was wondering how good the quality is and how much they shrink when they are washed/dried. Thanks.

The hoodie featured here is a medium-weight fleece hoodie; not too heavy, not too light. They’re pretty soft and I haven’t noticed any shrinkage in the ones I have. I do go down a size versus the t-shirts.

The zip hoodies are nice sweatshirts. I haven’t really noticed a shrinkage issue (although, in my case, I wish I would, Small is a hair big for me).

Is this supposed to be a reference to something?

Cool, appreciate the info guys! Thanks!

Thanks for the print, Woot! For those unsure, this design is entirely made up of digits of pi.

Yes, it is referencing The Matrix!

There’s no chance of getting a hoodie after the first day, right?
I meant to buy one then, and then sorta kinda forgot. :frowning: