enTourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook



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enTourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Just to let you guys know, the company that makes these has gone under, and therefore custom content updates that used to be pushed by them (news, etc for the Dualbook) no longer function.


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Kind of glad. This thing looks retarded.


I like the stylus and note-taking possibilities. Can anyone report on how well it performs?


These are pretty cool. Bought it last time around. The app store is closed, but you can still get apps from google. Also the e-ink reader is crisp and clear. Definitely a good deal!


Man. Now I wish I didn’t buy that hp touchpad for $90 shipped!


can someone who actually has this talk about it a little? it really seems like this product is overreaching…


Ah, yes. One of those…iPad killers. Just like the HP. There seem to be many killers littering the highway these days.


YEah guys, I would maybe buy it, but saw mixed reviews, and don’t know much about it… Does it work well? What are some good uses for it?


I haven’t had much of a chance to truly play around with it since it was my mom’s, but she asked me to help her download books which was a smooth and fairly simple process. Browser is pretty good too.


Never again. Never.

Bought one of these the first time it was on woot, and I was thrilled with it for the first week. After that I began to realize the limitations imposed by the sluggish hardware and dated OS. It does what it was made to do–reading, music, etc.–but not smoothly. The whole thing just feels really slow.

Worst of all, after a month or so of use, the e-ink side just stopped working. I tried everything, including taking it apart. I eventually gave up and trashed it.

I think the idea has potential, but the backing behind the product itself is too small to warrant a purchase of $80.


Seeing this makes me sad the Courier never went into production.


I just sold my previously wooted! Pocket Edge on Craigslist last week for $80!

What I liked about it was, of course, the dual screen and fact that it ran Android decently fast for a cheap tablet. The resistive touchscreen is a lot more responsive than many of the other cheap tablets I have used. There is a lot of support forums and an active community, which I am sure others will post links for here, to allow Android Market installation etc.

What I didn’t like about it was that the e-ink screen is very slow to redraw and when using it to write on it lags behind the stylus quite a bit. It doesn’t have any kind of accelerometer so rotating the screen has to be done manually with a button, very annoying. It can not be charged through USB, only with the wall wart that it comes with. It runs Angry birds, although it struggles along while doing so. Because it is resistive and not multi-touch games that require pinching, dragging, or using on on screen joypad are not going to work, so don’t plan on doing too much gaming. It plays words with friends just fine however.

At this price, its a good deal and anyone who wants a cheap tablet (and expects what you would get for a cheap tablet, this is not a iPad, Transformer, etc) will be happy with it.


I own 2 of these and think they’re really good at taking notes/dreading and even browsing the web. If you search around on the community page this was updated to group before the collapse of the company.

It isn’t anywhere near as fast as nowaday tablets, (processor is limited to 800mhz) but in my opinion, it is far more useful. As it fills a big gap between ipad clones and ereaders


Can you use both the Nook and Kindle software on this e-reader?


Yes you can.

Also I’d recommend it. Even though the company went down, the community is still up and running.


It is a pretty awesome device.


It’s a nice product, I use it all the time on short trips. The e-reader is as good as any out there and you can use google or amazon to download books.

The web browser is just OK since it has Android 1.6.
There is an upgrade to Ermine (Froyo 2.2) possible through 3rd party sites. Since I upgraded, the tablet works great and is as good as most of the less expensive ones out there (its NOT an Ipad) for email / simple web browsing.
Boots up quick and is easy to use.
I like mine and don’t think you can do much better for the price.


If it runs google does that mean I can browse eBay with it or search the Internet etc? How about card games like pogo or has it no flash capabilities? Appreciate the help, thanks in advance .