Entrance Ramp for the Soul Expressway


Friends link ($15) in case this sells out.



cool design
deciding if I want to buy it…trying to limit myself :smiley:


Got one not to bad


condition: Smooth
product(s): 1 Black Woot Tee (4266)

I don’t get it. Is there more to this shirt than meets it’s swirly arrows and dots? Something symbolic or pop cultural?


at least it’s black, but the design does not catch my eye

until tomorrow!!


man these shirts are getting worse! tell them to bring back musical note tree shirt. my girlfriend wants one!


weird design…not for me


Are they not accepting paypal anymore???


Hey, what happened? There’s no option to order with paypal. WTF woot? Did you guys stop accepting paypal?


Ya know, I’m going to be honest, at first what really stood out was the 2 green circles on the bottom and the straight green lines above the circle, making it look like a penis. In Fact i think this shirt from a glance looks too much like a penis. No Bueno.


Kinda sad…really was hoping “Which Way” might somehow be considered, despite losing the derby, because of the four of us who keep saying we’d buy it. Please?


my thoughts exactly


Kinda cool… it’s funny to be saying it’s too masculine, but that’s my take. If this were in a different group of colors I’d give it a lot more consideration… so I wonder why the artist picked green for the soul expressway. My first thought (or one of them, at least) is that it’s reminiscent of old computer monitors, which invariably seemed to be orange on black, or green on black.


I like it but iono.
Trying to understand it.


I like his other design better…but this one’s not too bad.


really nice design in for one


Ahhh! I think I like this shirt, but I’ve got too many black woot shirts. BoO!! I don’t know if its good enough to warrant buying another black one. I’m buying too many!


the little circles made me think of the holes in circuit boards…


Solid! It looks like it is from the 70’s to me.