Envious HP ENVY Desktops & All-in-Ones

Are the computers with K processors (Core i7-4770K) have unlocked BIOS (allow voltage, clock, and multiplier changes)? The only reason to pay extra for the K model is to overclock it and I’ve never bought a prebuilt PC with an unlocked BIOS.

Looks like it. I found this in a PC mag review: “A boutique vendor, on the other hand, would have sprung for the Core i7-4770K, the completely unlocked variant that begs to be overclocked”

I know it’s probably full of capacitors that will explode in a year, but I’m really liking the looks of the Beats model. I know the audio is crap, but the design is solid looking and it supports 16GB of RAM.

UPDATE: Watched some YouTube reviews and the consensus was the audio was actually pretty good, though like most stuff by Dr. Dre, bass heavy. I may yet spring.

Does this have HDMI?

The reclines and the Beats AIOs all have 1 HDMI input each, probably because H-P are positioning these as dorm units for college kids, and they can use them as TV monitors. I wouldn’t want one if I was in school, I’d take a Macbook or Thinkpad.

I wonder if you can upgrade the power supply in the regular desktops to something normal like 650w or 750w, so you can actually put a decent video card in it?