Enviro-Bulb LED Dimmable Light Bulb-6 Pack

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Enviro-Bulb LED Dimmable Light Bulb-6 Pack
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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Discussion from a previous sale

Given the price of LEDs, I generally stick to the slightly more expensive, but locally sourced options. i.e. Home Depot/Lowes as I can waltz in with a broken bulb and receipt and get a replacement.

Maybe not an option for some, but shelling out even $10 bucks a bulb, I like the piece of mind.

This light bulb ruined so many books for me:

“It was a dark and stormy night, then someone turned on their Enviro-Bulb 30724 A19 LED. The end.”

Sorry, just thought you folks could use some light hearted humor.

I see what you did there.

I bought these last time and the base gets extremely hot. Anyone else have this issue.

When they say “dimmable” do they mean with the traditional dimmer switches I already have or do they expect me to replace all my light switches with digital dimmers or whatever they are called?

The best light bulbs I ever had were a set of dimmable halogen bulbs. We got a single set of four for our bedroom because the wife wanted dimmable lights and they didn’t have such CFLs at the time. I don’t remember exactly the hour ratings on them, but they all easily lasted 6 years… then over about the span of a month or two they all started to go out. I had one remaining hold out when I replaced them with dimmable LEDs. /CSB

There are a lot of factors that go into the life expectancy of a bulb including variations in the quality of the wiring at your house. I’ve had a lot of bad luck with cheap CFLs and an equal amount of good luck with more expensive high quality CFLs. I’m moving to LEDs as my current batch of CFLs burn out.

These bulbs seem a little too expensive to purchase now and have sitting around until the need arises. Not that this isn’t a solid deal, but there might be a better deal around the corner.

No deal. These bulbs produce 850 lumens with 11.5 watts for around $11/bulb if you include shipping.

Just pop into Home Depot and get a Cree 60 watt bulb. It’s about $10/ bulb (regular price!) with tax and makes 800 lumens with only 9.5 watts of power!

Different brand, so it’s “different”, but my local costco had 60w LED bulbs last weekend for $6 each. Same light output, same power draw, same claimed life, dimmable, etc.

Polaroid 60w equivalent dimmable 800 lumens for $4.98 at Menards. Combine with a coupon and $4.50 each.

Any idea if these are rated for enclosed fixtures?

Most LEDs aren’t.

Those ones are rated at 13w. You’re better off buying a CFL if you want the energy savings. I guess if it’s dimmable it might make the deal better.

Anyone know if these buzz when dimmed? I have the HD CREE 60w bulbs, and while they are a great LED bulb, they really buzz when used with a Lutron dimmer. From review, this also occurs with Lutron’s LED-specific Maestro dimmers. Apparently, this is a problem with a lot of LED bulbs and dimming. I just haven’t found a quiet combination yet…


Nobody is beating IKEA’s price point on LED’s right now. Not the most efficient out there, but at their price it is easy to switch your whole house and get a few more efficient bulbs for your most used.

Soon, “Bright as a burned out bulb” will be meaningless!

I’d be careful with any LED. Some of them have nice light output, others make everything look grey. Having said that, I’ve replaced every light in my house with LED, except for candelabra bulbs in my five ceiling fans. I cannot find a candelabra bulb that produces enough light output (60W equivalent), that’s reasonably priced, and that has a nice light output. I bought a bunch from Costco, but the light output was so horrendous (makes my daughter’s skin look like she’s a ghost) that my wife refused to let me use them.

Home Depot equivalent bulbs beat this ‘deal.’ Try harder WOOT.